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Kingdom Registration Numbers

Kingdom Registration Numbers are a series of numerical designations used by the Kingdom of Neshaten to more easily identify their ships, the classification of the ship, and what fleet it is either apart of or whether it is privately or company owned.


The KRN system was a system the Neshaten put back into place after they began to send ships back into space, it was originally known as the 'Federation Registration Network', used back during the older era of the Neshaten when they had a Federation.

When the Neshaten evacuated to their new world, they took this system with them, but made changes to it to account for the new governmental system and new the way of life people now lead.


The registration number format is as followed:

  • [Number] - [Designation] - [Fleet] - [Squadron]
  • Three digit numbers are used commonly for number, with the exception of the fleet.
  • Example: 023-Ex-1F-3E. Or, Ship number 23, Exploration Class, First Fleet, Third Exploratory Squadron
  • Shuttles that are assigned to a ship have the ships registration number and an additional letter tacked onto the end, an example is 023-EX-1F-3E-A
Designation Definition Notes
Ex Exploration Class
Pa Patrol Class
St Stations
Ca Carriers
Fr Frigates
Rc Recon
De Destroyers Can also includ Destroyer Escorts
As Assault Ship
Ba Battleship
Bc Battlecruiser
Co Command Class or Flagship
Si Science
Cr Cruiser
XP Experimental Craft
St Starfighter Also includes scouts and bombers
Lo Logistics Also includes supply ships, repair ships, and refit carrier

Civilian Registration Numbers

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