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Mark 1 Piasuhaya'sokol Anti-starship Turret

Along with the first long range starships the Neshaten constructed their first line of turrets including the Piasuhaya'sokol for use in ship to ship combat. It was deployed in E641 for use by the Shukara Volunteer Navy.

About the Mark 1 Piasuhaya'sokol Anti-starship Turret

The Piasuhaya'sokol or Piercing Falcon is the Kingdom of Neshaten's first Anti-ship turret. Larger and heavier then the Mark 1 'Rok'truvance' Anti-fighter Turrets that was deployed in the same year the Piasuhaya'sokol is much more powerful then its smaller cousin. Due to its size it must be hard-mounted on smaller ships. This weapon can also be found in turret form, though only on the larger classes of ship.

The Piasuhaya'sokol has two modes of fire that are designed to make it a good all-around weapon against all but the heaviest of armour. The gunner can choose to switch between these modes at any time. The Piasuhaya'sokol can either fire four times per minute at full power or eight times per minute at half power. This allows more shots to be fired at faster moving, lightly armoured targets and thus there is more chance of hitting them.

While developed off of existing theories the Piasuhaya'sokol was a largely experimental weapon that stretched the minds of many of the Neshaten's greatest military scientists of the time. The Piasuhaya'sokol was later revised and the Mark 2 Anti Starship Battery was produced. However not all starships have received the newer weapon and thus the Piasuhaya'sokol is still in widespread use today.

The Piasuhaya'sokol consumes a lot of power and thus in smaller ships the weapon will likely be located close to the ship's main reactor. On larger ships turret batteries may have smaller, dedicated reactors to fuel them.


The Piasuhaya'sokol is a heavy twin barreled plasma cannon. As such the capacitor banks and charging circuitry is quite bulky. Thus in their turret form the Piasuhaya'sokol has quite a distinctive shape and is easily recognizable on any starship. In its hard-mounted form the weapon is much less prominant because all of the related electronics and mechanics are hidden within the ships main carapace.



  • Max Range (space): 1 light second, 300,000 kilometers
  • Max Range (atmosphere): 1000 kilometers
  • Rate of Fire: 4 shots/minute(Full Power) or 8 shots/minute(Half Power)
  • Purpose: Tier 9(Full Power) or Tier 10(Half Power)

Control Interface: Along with the other Mk.1 turrets deployed by the Neshaten, the Piasuhaya'sokol uses a standard hardwired connection interface. Though the turret itself has no external sensors they are unnecessary due to the fact that both the ships main sensors and the turret network connect to the mainframe of the ship or vehicle they are attached to. The computer co-ordinates the two systems so that sensor information can be displayed in real time to the weapon's controller. The turret has internal sensors that track position and orientation. This means that the entire turret network can be controlled from the bridge or from any other Interactive terminal that is properly patched into the targeting computer.


Charged Shots

The Piasuhaya'sokol charges its power grid to full before firing giving the plasma projectile maximum penetrating capacity. This allows it to more easily cut through the heavier armour of larger ships.

Damage Rating: 2 SDR

Rapid Fire

The Piasuhaya'sokol only half charges its capacitor banks before firing, doubling the rate of dire but halving each shots power. This allows more bolts to be sent at more evasive targets giving a higher chance of a hit.

Damage Rating: 1 SDR

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