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Shukara Naval Deployment Roster

What is listed here are the fleets and the locations of those fleets, used by the Shukara Volunteer Navy along with any organizations.


Designation Homebase Leader Ship Count Notes
Core Worlds Fleets
1st Fleet Nesha Prime Q'Abrenal Iu'yash 480 Defends the home system
2nd Fleet No'menshan Q'Abrenal Fa'heane 245 Defends Na'menshan
3rd Fleet Bai'yusaenahe'mah IV P'Iurebe Jaa'jane 245 Reactionary Force
4th Fleet Uvarun 2 P'Iurebe Hua'sasage 245 Defends Uvarun 2
5th Fleet Levia P'Iurebe Era'y'sha 245 Counter-terrorist Operations
Exploratory Task Forces
1st Exploratory Uvarun 3 P'Iurebe Qyu'saane 120 Exploration Fleet North-East
2nd Exploratory Uvarun 3 P'Iurebe Xaa'shane 120 Exploration Fleet North-West

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