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Neshaten General Components

This page lists all generic components used by the Kingdom of Neshaten. This also includs escape pods.

Name Purpose Status
Repair and Replacement Systems
Modular Gravitic Network Repair and Turret Placement Active
Turret Mounting Systems
Universal Turret Mounts Makes turrets compatible with certain mounts Active
Holographic Systems
Interactive Display Terminals Provides easy to access data via holographic systems Obsolete, replaced by EHS
Erme'negilde Holographic System Improved over the original IDT Active
Command Systems
Digital Counter Sign System Command and Control systems, IFF system. Development
Maneuvering Systems
Small Gravitational Maneuvering Thrusters Pinpoint Maneuverying Development Stage
DNA or Biometric Systems
DNA Lock Tech Provides a method to lock out technology from people who shouldn't be handling it Active
Tow Systems
Retriever Used to tow starships, stations, or even cargo Active
Escape Systems
K1-25 Escape Pod Provides a means to escape a stricken ship or station Obsolete, no longer in production
Vail'ant Escape Pod Provides single occupant escape from ship, makes the K1-25 Obsolete. Active
heron_multi_escape_pod Provides escape for up to ten personal. Active
Power Systems
Nina'ka'iaus Sub-space Power Transmitter Used to transmite power from one location to another Development
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