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Vail'ant Escape Pod

The Vail'ant Escape Pod is a single occupent pod used to escape a ship during destruction. It was put into service in EE004(YE 40). Due to a directive given out by the Monarch, all ships built prior to EE004 are ordered priority refit to get these and their sister pods.


The Vail'ant was created in response to what many in the navy felt was the utter failure of the K1-25 Escape Pod. This type of pod is a single occupent pod equipped with a micro FTL drive core that is capable of jumping, due to it's small size and the fact it has to run on a generator, the recharge time for the jumpdrive is far longer than on any other ship. Internal life support systems means that the pod can keep it's occupent alive for up to six months in space, although if on a planet the O2 scrubbers can be cleaned to provide life support for far longer periods of time.

This escape pod gets its from Vail'ant Def'leor, who suggested the need for new pods after the destruction of the NSV-Gam'trosha.


Below is the general information:

Organizations: Kingdom of Neshaten Type: Long Life Escape Pod Class: Ne-Y1-X3600 Designer: Shukara Armaments and Manufacturing Manufacturer: Shukara Armaments and Manufacturing Production: Refit or upgrade on SNV vessels. SARPv3 Tier: 4 (Light Armor)

Performance Statistics

Below are the performance stats:

Crew: 1 Maximum Capacity: 1


Below are the dimensions of the pod:

Length: 2m Width: 2m Height: 3m


Both classes have a speed of roughly 0.075c


The pods resemble an elongated square, moving toward a flat tip on the front and rider in the rear. There is a 'cockpit' that the occupent can see out of.


The following lists the systems found on this pod.


The pod is made out of Crynatorium, with a layer of Dishe'trum that acts as support for the pod. The pod has a limited amount of armor on it. The way the pod is designed means that it can serve as a place to live after the pod lands on a planet.

FTL Communication

The pod has short-range FTL communications capable of reaching any ship within its local star system.


With the lack of high capability generator, the pod is limited to a small quantum computer core that serves to help regulate it's onboard life support systems and the limited sensor abilities.

Life Support

An onboard life support system helps a single person for up to several months, maintenance of the air scrubbers allows for several years of life support.

Power Plant

Utilizes two small Luna Power Generator for power, both are located behind detachable panels in the pods forward section.


Is equipped with a modified Class 6 FTL Drive Core, this modification makes it smaller, but also means that it has less range. This modicifaction is considered temporary until an actual micro-FTL drive can be created.


Uses a single Fi'nein Pulse Engine.


The internals of the pod are quite limited.


It is rather insane to refer to this as a cabin, given it is only large enough for a single person and the control systems they'd need to control the pod. The cabin's seat will automatically fit to the occupant, this means that the pod can be used by either a My'leke, Daur, or Laibe.


Located on the left and right of the cabin, this is where food and water, along with a medical kit are stored.


The type of supplies stored on the pod include food, water, medical kits, and a fire extinguisher. There are enough supplies to last two weeks, longer if the occupant starts rationing.

OOC Notes

Kyle created this article on 2018/05/16 10:19.

As of approval, all ships have been replaced with this escape pod, the previous escape pod has been decommissioned and those that were replaced are now being used for target practice!

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