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Vela'rius Swordrifle

The Vela'rius is a plasma rifle designed in ER 435, it was made available for the military in ER 436. It is still in production.


The Vela'rius, named after its creator, was created a short while after the Neshaten arrived at their new system. Its weaponized name of 'Swordrifle' comes from its ability to attach a variety of different types of close-quarters attachments.

Unlike other Neshaten handheld weaponry which mainly uses plasma, the Vela'rius is purely a laser rifle.


Shaped like a typical rifle, the Velarius has a long barrel toward the front with sight lines, underneath it are two attachment points for melee weapons. The central area of the weapon has a scope attachment, while the rear stock is capable of being used to transport small items. There are two handles, the main trigger handle located rear, and another handle which can be set into three seperate points on the rifle - forward center, forward left, and forward right, this allows the use to more easily handle the rifle when firing it or when using it in close quarters.

The underside of the rifle just forward of the trigger guard holds the rifle power crystal, it uses a small crystal.

  • Purpose: Anti-Infantry
  • Nomenclature: Ne-W5-A1
  • Damage: Tier 2, Medium Anti-Personnel
  • Range: 1.9 KM's
  • Rate of Fire (Single): One shot every three.
  • Payload Onboard power crystals allows for up to ninety one shots before the need to recharge


List of attachments:


Similiar to the Varitable Plasma Rifle, the scope is capable of four times maginification, also displays distance and range to a chosen target that the rifle sights are over. It also has a charge count. The display can be configured by the user to display other information not found on the scopes software, this includes, but is not limited to:

Directional Sound

The scope can be configured to pick up on sounds in the area of the rifle, giving a rough estimate on where the sound if coming from in relation to the scope.


A software mode that can be configured into the scope allows the rifle to pick up on heat signatures of indivisuals or objects from up to two hundred feet.

Extra Handle

Standard on the rifle, the extra handle which is used for the forward area of the rifle is made out of a carbon-fiber material and covered in leather to make gripping easier.

Melee Attachments

The rifle can be equipped with multiple different melee attachments, however, not all of them listed here are those that can be used, only those listed here are common place - soldiers can create their own if need be, but these listed here have been tested to work.


The sword attachment is a two foot long blade that is sharp on both ends and has a guard on the rear.

PDR: 2


An unwieldy attachment, the schimater is a curved blade, curving down to an almost thirty degree angle.

PDR: 3

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