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The Libertarian Republic Of Drift

The Libertarian Republic of Drift was a space station built by Galar Vanatosk, to accommodate Freespacer refugees and people of all stripes; Yamataians, Jiyuuians, Nepleslians and more were welcome on Drift as long as they behaved themselves. Vanatosk proclaimed himself as the Governor and engaged in the day-to-day management of the colony station. It was positioned on the border of the Yamatai Star Empire and the United Outer Colonies.

In YE32, during the Second Mishhuvurthyar War, it was attacked by NMX forces using parasite-infested mercenaries. The crew of the ISC Phoenix intervened and rescued the Governor while holding back the invasion long enough for the civilian population to safely evacuate.

The station itself is currently destroyed, and Governor Vanatosk's whereabouts are currently unknown. Its original statistics are below.

The Libertarian Republic of Drift

The Libertarian Republic of Drift was a neutral city-state located in a small area 1 AU in radius near the territorial intersection of the United Outer Colonies and Yamatai Star Empire. The entire city-state is focused on being a center for free trade and commerce. Anyone can come to the city and conduct trade, as long as rules are observed and nothing is done to bring the wrath of the superpowers down upon Drift.


Galar Vanatosk had been working with the Freespacers in order to manufacture the station, and now, being complete, it is stationed near Jiyuu System while Galar secures rights to territory. It was made in YE 31.


A true free trade city, the Libertarian Republic of Drift is a place that allows anyone, regardless of record or nationality to trade within the city. In the bazaar, there is an atmosphere of carefree business dealings away from the stringent controls of governments. Generally a place of peace, the residents feel very safe from harm within the station. Freedom is a huge part of Drift's culture, causing less conflicts and disagreements.


There are very few laws in the Libertarian Republic of Drift, as there is a huge emphasis on freedom. However the laws that are in place are enforced well and harshly. Killing warrants a punishment of death, specifically being thrown out of the station into the vacuum of space. All possessions of the killer are taken by the government and used or sold to the public. Stealing is punished by a lifetime ban from the station. If you are found back on the station, the punishment is deportation along with the next shipment of goods going out. The possessions of the thief will be either used by Drift or sold to the public. Other offenses are either punished by being โ€œaskedโ€ to leave or by being deemed a form of theft.

Operatives from governments from all of the nations are permitted to work inside of Drift, as long as a confidential report is filed with the Governor.

The leader of Drift is called a Governor because it not only reflects what is governed, which is only really a city, as well as commutes some humility upon the leader, hopefully discouraging any power-grabbing.


The base of defensive military service starts here, within the militia. If the station is attacked, the militia is called upon to defend it. Anyone can join the militia for the good of the entire station. A great number of these are Automatons.

Militia ranks go as follows:






After being promoted from each rank, a 1st class suffix is added to the rank, denoting superiority.


Police are basically the elite soldiers aboard Drift, so they are able to more easily resist corruption, settle disputes, undertake far more difficult operations, and serve as the spearhead in any defense of Drift. They can either pilot powered armor, command Militia ships, or serve aboard the specialized police vessels. One can only graduate into the police by reaching the rank of Protector within the Militia or by special recommendation.

Ranks within the Police go as follows:







Before a rank is obtained, the rank has a prefix of Deputy during interim time before rank is given. During this time, they experience what they would be doing, and are given probationary status, but full power. Each person in the police force has an automaton as a partner. Lieutenants and higher have SI infused automatons, the rest are slaved to the SIs inside Drift. Judicators work directly with the SIs aboard Drift.


Drift is the large space station created from a fabricated Freespacer mothership. Initially funded by Galar Vanatosk, but aided by the Free State, who donated the mothership to his cause, Drift is a huge center for commerce and trade located in the very center of the Libertarian Republic of Drift. Drift is mobile, so really it could be anywhere inside the Republic at any time.


Drift is a space station built within the frame of a functional Freespacer mothership. This structure is quite large, exceeding 6000m in length, 1500m in height, and 2000m in width. Mass: Huge

Performance Stats

Propulsion and Range

  1. Category 2(FTL), Difference Engine: 0.2c
  2. Range: Unlimited.
  3. Lifespan: Unlimited

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

Hull: 65, Massive civilian space station. Shields: 39 (threshold 5)

Inside Drift

There are several layers within Drift, each serving a different purpose, however, there are areas in each layer that do not stick with the specific layout.

Dome of Growth

Illuminated by lights of a specific brightness perfect for growing plants, which is exactly what resides on this layer. This is a massive growing area, which provides oxygen and helps filter the air

Residential Area

Drift is able to accommodate 150,000 residents with ease. If the population starts to exceed this, there is ample room to convert to living space.

The Mall

Very large and open corridors house many stores and businesses that have taken root in Drift. It is the more upscale shopping district within it, and anyone that sells things usually aspires to one day have the money to open their own shop in the Mall.

The Bazaar

An enormous open area that allows anyone to set up stalls and open-air shops for free. Many things can be found in this area, including products that would on some planets be considered very shady. However, due to the legal system that Drift exists on, these products are completely legal to be sold within Drift.

Government Offices and Bridge

Located near the bridge, the government offices serve to create laws and handle legislation that maintains Drift.

The Hold

This is a huge open area meant to be able to tens of thousands of tons of cargo.

Militia and Police Training and office areas

The areas for Virtual Reality and small CQB areas are set up within a small complex for the training and maintaining of the defense forces of Drift. Offices handle the paperwork, barracks house the personnel, and the training areas prepare them for their job.

Drift's Systems

Life Support

Integrated mothership life support

Power Source

"Philosopher's Stone" Reactors

The Philosopher's Stone is an onboard facility that contains all the essentials for your self-sufficient vessel on the go in today's fast paced universe: electric-fusion smelters, plasma arc incinerators, gas crackers, and most importantly, nuclear transmutation reactors. These reactors are fission-fusion breeder reactors capable of transmutation a wide ray of elements via slow and fast neutron capture. While the effective transmutation conversion rate isn't nearly up to par with either Yamataian or Nepleslian nanofabrication technologies, the device works well efficiently enough provide the rarer metals needed for advanced electronics manufacturing, as well as ensure an abundant supply of fuel for the vessel. Furthermore, these fusion technologies also provide the abundant power consumed by the other ship's systems.


Difference Engine

Favorable Event Generation: Chaos theory dictates to so-called โ€œchaosโ€ in systems are actually the result of not randomness, but by the behavior of quantum wave functions. These wave functions are quantum events that become microscopic events, then macroscopic events; just as atoms are the foundation of matter, quantum wave functions are the foundation of any chance-based event, in a manner of speaking. By comprehending and manipulating these wave functions one can effectively โ€œcreateโ€ luck, or more accurately, encourage the manifestation of favorable events.

This device is a combined computer-generator unit designed to find and predict how quantum wave functions interact with their environment. By performing subtle changes in the immediate environment the wave functions manifest in, one can manipulate large-scale events with a relatively small expenditure of energy. Due to the inherent difficulty of performing calculations this technology is can only perform calculations for short-term events; one can only change events not even seconds prior. Another problem is the sensitivity to initial conditions; a seemingly insignificant wave function could exponentially grow into a rampant problem, so most of the machine's capacity is consumed controlling these uncalculated aftereffects and preventing them from becoming Big Problems. For this reason significant manipulations may require several minutes until aftereffects normalize, depending on the scale of the changes made.

Examples of potential uses for this device may include: nullifying stray signals to decrease energy signatures, creating minute imbalances in natural energy levels to increase or decrease the accuracy of weapons fire, stalling the failure of ship integrity or overloading of systems, changing the vector of bomb fragments to strike or avoid critical systems, and numerous other small-scale โ€œluckโ€ based events. Hybrid Gravitic Propulsion: The propulsion is two-tiered; firstly is a form of gravimetric propulsion that directly ties into the 'Difference Engine' (hence the pun on its name). A gravitic field is sustained around the vessel and the so-called wave function manipulation uses its capacity for chaos theory calculations to predict and manipulate the way the field collapses, so as to make the ship โ€œfallโ€ in the desired direction.

This system is supplemented by an inertialess drive which like its smaller predecessor, the inertial dampening system, can reduce the stress of rapid acceleration. The device takes things a step further by having the capacity to nullify inertia and effective mass almost completely โ€“ not just for the crew, but for the entire ship itself. Together these systems allow the vessel to perform very precise turns with little strain on the superstructure, thereby endowing with the capability to outmaneuver most ships of similar or even smaller size. This will give a crew the superior handling needed to turn spaceborne hazards, such as asteroid belts, debris fields and minefields, into either escape routes of a defensive advantage in combat.


The majority of the hull is layered in differing thicknesses of a make of energized armor; titanium carbide layered plating reinforced by a Phenolic-Fulleride layered mesh that acts as both a means to absorb energy and release a high-capacity discharge designed to disrupt particle beams, plasma bursts, and even vaporize solid munitions.

The structuring of the outer hull is engineered for flash-welding and riveting, as opposed to the original tightly-linked hull design. While this leaves much to be desired in regards to the armor strength, it allows the rapid repair of damage sections โ€“ even in the midst of battle. A mangled plate can be easily jettisoned and be replaced by Junker drones within a matter of minutes, or even seconds, if circumstances allow.

Damage Rating: 7


Standard level shield systems provide for extra defense against attacks.


Drift uses an Entropy's Shroud Electronic Warfare Suite suite to defend itself against an array of different threats.

Main Computer

Main computer is the integrated mainframe, containing three Synthetic Intelligences. A PRISM mainframe functions as the backup.


The sensor systems are contained within the Entropy's Shroud Electronic Warfare Suite. STL RADAR, LADAR and visual telescopic systems, to instantaneous Subspace Mass Sensors, FTL-assisted visual sensors, and the Evanescent Wave Coupler's quantum-tunneling sensor system are the many sensor systems contained within the Entropy's Shroud Suite.


- 80 pseudoflare Artillery positions (Starship DR 3)

- 1000 warding_rune_autocannon quadcannon point defenses. (Starship DR 2)

Dedicated Vehicle Component

150 automated Phantasm Gunship


Automanufactory Module

This vessel carries a traditional Freespacer variable-configuration assembly bay, capable of producing anything from fighter craft to toys. Like most equivalent modules, this system is fully automated by the shipboard SI construct.

  • Workshop

An off-shoot of the main room contains the Automata charging outlets and workshops, which is actually little else than a wall lined with cable sockets and spools of cable. A semi-permanent feature of this room is the overwhelming number of Automata and machinery various states of (dis)assembly. From the roof of the room hang an array of robotic arms, which are capable of performing a limited number of autonomous tasks when operated by SI controllers, along with several cluttered work benches for tasks that may require them. This room also contains The Grinder system.

  • Factory Floor

A service elevator is available from the main room to the decks below it. However, this section is generally kept off-limits as it contains little else than the deafening hum of machinery, darkness, and a shifting nexus of machinery. There is virtually no walking space here so that assembly lines can be as efficient as possible. Other than the parts and equipment hopper beside the elevator entrance, there is little else to see unless one is willing to risk a venture into the shifting maze of machinery.

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