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Tsenlanese Civilian Clothing

The clothing of the people of Tsenlan.

History and Background

The choice of robes as the dominating civilian fashion of the Norian nations date back to the BYE 400s and the Falcon Movement. It was not until YE 10 during the Colonization of Ayenee that any real change was seen. Once colonies were firmly placed on Ayenee, fashion trends from the Ayenee Capital City and other regions of the planet began to flow back to the capital worlds.

Norian fashion has always leaned towards natural or synthetic materials designed to breathe but provide protective cover for their skin.

In YE 44, after the Arrival of the Norians in the Kikyo Sector, the Yamatai Star Empire's fashion would begin to have a significant influence on the people of Tsenlan which may bring even more variety to their own fashion.

Traditional Civilian and Noble Robes

For thousands of years, the traditional civilian garb of the Norian people have been robes. From the most simple plain design of those used for everyday living, or the more expensive choice of fabrics and the weave of complex patterns, they were chosen for their lightweight breathable designs which keep the body cool and the skin covered. They generally do not wear undergarments1).

Examples of Maejaes RobesExamples of Aest Robes

Sholar Robe

Informal Norian Robe The everyday wear in Tsenlan generally consists of a multi-layer robe with a simple pattern. Color choices are typically selected to match the natural environment, season, or theme of the intended destinations for the day. The robe is generally closed by matching or complimenting colored rope with purposely frayed ends tied simply at the front. They generally feature oversized sleeves, and hidden pockets for storage of small valuables or traditional pouches hung from the waist rope. The multilayer design prevents accidental exposure of private areas as well as adds to the wispy wind theme that earned this style, which is called sholar which means “wind wrap” in Nira'las.

Maejaes Vyrdi

Formal Norian Robe The more formal Maejaes Vyrdi which means “Speaker's Robe” in Nira'las is used for more formal occasions. Like the Sholar, the colors are typically selected to match the natural environment, season, or theme of the intended destinations for the day. The robe has a much more pronounced higher collar and is held closed by a hidden zipper in the front of the robe. The waist belt is generally more substantial with an actual buckle. The robe is generally worn to events such as dinner parties, and theatre events, even to the attendance of weddings and other ceremonies held by the Church of the Builders.

The robe's origin, however, is dedicated to scholars of phaloam and nathaul from the early days of the Falcon Movement, around BYE 400.

Aest Vyrdi

Airwin's Aest Vyrdi The Aest Vyrdi, which refers to “Royal Robe” in Nira'las is worn by members of the Caeyara Ysi. They are technically a type of Maejaes Vyrdi but typically have much more complex designs. A common theme in Aest Vyrdri is the pronounced pauldron-style shoulders taken from ancient armor types. They generally have more pronounced layering and complex design features that vary between the members of the ruling family as their Aest Vyrdi are made custom to order.

These robes are also traditionally worn by priests and priestesses of the Church of the Builders.

Civilian Footwear

Traditional Norian civilian footwear generally consists of either sandals or boots. In general, they do not have running shoes or an equivalent. After the Arrival of the Norians in YE 44, Ketsurui Zaibatsu began producing a lot of footwear for this market.

Aezysaes Sandals

Aezysaes Sandals Aezysaes Sandals are the most basic and informal style of sandals worn.Aezysaes means “Explorer” in Nira'las. They are generally made of leather, with few embellishments outside of strap buckles. They tend to match the style and color choice of the Sholar Robe they are being worn with. It is generally regarded that a pair of Aezysaes Sandals that become worn quickly is a sign of someone who is considered to be a hard worker.

Byrdi Sandals

Byrdi Sandals Byrdi Sandals are more formal sandals worn with the Maejaes Vyrdi and Aest Vyrdi. Byrdi means “Noble”in Nira'las. Like the Aezysaes Sandals, they are made of leather, but usually have many metal embellishments and more elaborate designs. The more complicated the design the more expensive they are so people generally cherish these types of sandals in hopes to make them last longer.

Vyl Vyr Boots

Vyl Vyr Boots “Rough Road” Boots or Vyl Vyr Boots as they are called in Nira'las are part of the everyday footwear in Tsenlan. They offer a closed toe and more protection for the feet, ankles, and lower leg making them ideal for work or more aggressive travel as their name suggests. They are made of leather and sometimes more advanced polymers. At times, more fancy versions of these are created to provide aesthetics in some fashions.


Norian Socks Norians rarely wear undergarments, but socks are worn with boots and are also worn around homes. Socks come in all sorts of patterns and colors as well as various materials. Socks are never worn with Byrdi or Aezysaes sandals.


Norian JewelryNorian Jewelry In Tsenlan wearing jewelry is a status symbol as it is in most cultures. The designs vary greatly but a general theme utilizes a mixture of synthetic and naturally created gemstones with a preference for nebulous-looking presentations.

Jewelry is often sold in public markets and is a popular export from Tsenlan, noted for its superior quality and craftsmanship.

Influences from Outsiders

Having had connections in Ayenee, the Nerimian Defense Initiative as well as the Yamatai Star Empire many clothing influences have made their way into Norian fashion. Everything from nightclub attire to business suits is popular among the people of Tsenlan. Often times these fashions are even given a twist to match popular styles, patterns, and colors. Trendy imports and variations on imports are often popular in younger demographics of the population.

Outsider Influenced Fashions Outsider Influenced Fashions Outsider Influenced Fashions

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Socks and Underwear for females during menstruation are an exception.

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