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Caeyara Ysi

The Caeyara Ysi is a Ysi (Clan) associated with Tsenlan in the Yamatai Star Empire.

Caeyara Ysi
The Crixa
“Shorol si talari os Unya, thys shos sai paer”1)
Chrystalis Dynasty
Faction Yamatai Star Empire
Sub-Faction Tsenlan
Organization Tsenlan State Quorum
Family Leader Airwin Caeyara
~Mas 2) Rin Caeyara
Formation BYE 400
Current Year YE 44
Currency Bellflower Note(KS)
Custodians Andrew, Yuuki, Miyako, Nakshatra

History and Background

Sorin Caeyara by Wes in Stable Diffusion The origins of the Ysi date back to BYE 400, during the Falcon Movement when Caecyan Eitan merged the nations of the norian people. When Caecyan Eitan rose to power, those within his following were those who understood the ancient relics and technologies that had been discovered on their homeworld. It was through progress that he was able to accumulate the support to bring an entire planet beneath his rule. Although Caecyan had gained power, he lacked a family, and being an orphan he had very few options in terms of how he handled critics who based nobility on the standing of a Ysi. Caecyan's response to his critics was that he formed the Eitan Ysi, including other orphans and prominent supporters willing to leave their own Ysi.

In BYE 300, when the technological gains were in their climax, Caeycan married Teal Lunari, the Lunari being one of the most respected Ysi in Noria. The couple had several children, not limited to, but notably Adrin Eitan, Sorin Eitan, and Nira Eitan. Having children, along with the successes of Caecyan's one-world government, brought the Eitan Ysi into the standing in which Caecyan and Teal were given the titles Aestaesys(Emperor) and Aester(Empress). It had been determined by the Church of the Builders that they had received the celestial mandate of the Builder Unya. The mandate enforced their rulership of the Norian Galactic Empire.

The support for Caecyan's rule dissipated after the Civil War, having authorized the use of several nuclear weapons which resulted in the complete destruction of the colony of Dysteria. In a strategic motion, Caecyan abdicated the throne to his second son, Adrin Eitan. Sorin Eitan, the eldest son of Caecyan and Teal had been in line for the throne, but he had declined due to his desire to continue his military career. Adrin Eitan was then given the throne and the Church of the Builders confirmed that the celestial mandate had been passed onto him. He was married to Kendra Orinas and they had several children including Airwin Caeyara and his twin sister Rin Caeyara.

In YE 01, when the Space Race and Colonization of Ayenee took the now sprawling Empire by storm. The Aestaesys Adrin Eitan was attributed with heralding a new age of prosperity. He invested a huge amount of resources into Ayenee as well as their new Star Navy. After the Chaos Hive War in YE 21, Adrin fearing a coup by his sons Airwin Caeyara, Fallion Caeyara and their sister Rin, banished his children to Ayenee to live in exile in the Colony of Surrune.

In YE 30, Adrin Eitan was captured during the Umarian War and in a desperate moment Airwin Caeyara was sought out and was named his successor. Once more, the celestial mandate was handed forward by the Church of the Builders giving legitimacy to the new Aestaesys. Later that decade in YE 35, in the middle of the Void Wars, Airwin merged the then Norian Continuum his wife's Minatu Empire. At the time of their reaffirmation of marriage, and in response to having been exiled before his ascension, Airwin changed the name of the Ysi to Caeyara.

The Celestial Mandate

The celestial mandate is a religious tenant related to the Church of the Builders. It essentially works as a religious and social gauge of legitimacy to the rule of the Tsenlan State Quorum. The mandate states that Unya "the mother of all" has granted legitimacy to the ruling Ysi through the Church of the Builders. The actual use of the mandate is more of a symbolic gesture, however, rather than an actual religious experience.

The Crixa

The symbol of the Caeyara Ysi is the Crixa. It is also known as the “Chrystalis Knot” which represents the interconnected nature of the Chrystalis Dynasty. It has become a symbol of strength during hardships and the many wars the Caeyara and the Eitans have led Norian people through.

The Crixa


The Caeyara Ysi is pretty typical in their adherence to Norian Culture, they also are devoted in their faith to the Tsenlanese Religion, but have expressed the urgency to reforms eliminating xenophobia and slavery from the teachings.

Unifying Philosophies and Virtues

The Caeyara in general, practice these Phaloam:

  • Sacrifice - Airwin Caeyara has mandated that the Caeyara suffer and be willing to sacrifice during times of crisis. During final hardships before the Arrival of the Norians in the Kikyo Sector, no wealth, favor, or additional rations, was given to members of the Ysi. Many members actually gave their own rations to other members of the military or civilian population.
  • Continuity - Through the many wars that have been fought, bringing victory or loss the Caeyara have always kept a sense of continuity in their rule, including internal mandates to ensure heirs continued to be made in dire times.
  • Adaptation - The Caeyara believe in adaptation to survive, they've always led the way through technological advancement or introductions to new situations and environments. Now part of Yamatai Star Empire, the Caeyara again must lead the people through a major change.
  • Strategy - The Ysi is known for its strategy during times of warfare, often dominating planning and execution of operations.
  • Leading From The Frontline - Airwin Caeyara began a tradition during the Umarian Wars of leading the fight from the frontlines. He frequently places key members of the Ysi at the head of military units and has even been quoted that following the refugee crisis that some members will be encouraged to serve in the Star Army of Yamatai.

Incorporated Species

In YE 44, Airwin Caeyara informed the rest of his Ysi that members of other Species would be welcomed in as part of their ranks.

Leadership and Structure

The following explains the leadership and structure of the Caeyara Ysi.

Caeyara/Eitan Ysi
Rank Trade (language) Rank Name Notes
Aestaesys Emperor Airwin Caeyara Since YE 30
Aester Empress N/A Vacated since the Death of Sinith Caeyara in YE 44
Sol'Voli Crowned Prince Uaeso Eitan
Volaer Tylys Princess Consort Naika Eitan
Sol'Volaer Crowned Princess Naelui Caeyara
Volaer Princess Aiura Caeyara
Volaer Princess Arina Caeyara
Tal'Cel Ascended Queen Rin Caeyara Actual Title is Cae'Aester meaning “War Empress”
Tal'Cel Ascended Queen Katara Caeyara
Tal'Cel Ascended Queen Aelya Caeyara
  • All children and grandchildren of Airwin Caeyara bear the right to have the title Voli (Prince) or Volaer (Princess).
  • All members elder to Airwin Caeyara bear the right to have the title Cel (Queen) or King (Col).
  • Permanently deceased members of the Ysi retain their rank in Memorium.


As of the Arrival of the Norians in the Kikyo Sector in YE 44 the Caeyara are focused on the following objectives.


The Caeyara Ysi owns and operates the Lo'Ken Institute Lo'ken Institute.


The Caeyara Ysi has made the following friends:


Information soon to come. 3)


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OOC Notes

Andrew created this article on 2022/10/30 17:55.

  • Sorin Caeyara art by Wes in Stable Diffusion.
  • Crixa Symbol commissioned by Andrew, art is by RavenMorbid.
  • Lo'Ken Logo commissioned by Andrew, art is by RavenMorbid.
  • Approved by Wes on 2022/11/10.4)
It means “Within the mandate of Unya, from birth to death” in Nira'las.
~mas refers to the one responsible for killing married in party if they do not meet expectations
OOC - it has been agreed upon that Tsenlan will have a permanent home in the Akina System.

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