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United Outer Colonies

The United Outer Colonies was a nation in the Kikyo Sector that existed from YE 30 until the end of YE 32. The remains of which are now the Motoyoshi Colonial Sector, which is a region of the Yamatai Star Empire.

United Outer Colonies
Capital Tokyo, Jiyuu III
Population 6 Billion as of YE 30
Head of State Prime Minister Tange Amaya1)
Monarch Crowned Prince Motoyoshi Tio
Government Type Elected Assembly, Constitutional Monarchy
Formation YE 302)
Currency Heiwa Electronic Credit (HS)

The creation of the United Outer Colonies caused the Yamatai Star Empire to re-examine itself, which led to many reforms for good in Yamatai (including the ban of torture and slavery), and to the ascent of Empress Himiko I to the throne, making the UOC secession an important part of SARPiverse history.

History and Background

The United Outer Colonies was a short-lived nation that broke away from the Yamatai Star Empire in YE 30. The nation ended in tragedy at the end of YE 32. For a complete account of its history please see the History of The United Outer Colonies.


The national identity of the Jiyuuian people became defined in their departure from the Yamatai Star Empire. It was intended to be a neutral peacekeeper nation, grounded on a philosophy promoting intergalactic peace through the cooperation of all nations in the known universe.


Lorath Matriarchy

The Lorath Matriarchy was defined as a protectorate of the United Outer Colonies in the Constitution of the United Outer Colonies.

Peacekeeping Forces

The United Outer Colonies Peacekeeping Forces were the military of the United Outer Colonies. It was shaped around the Peacekeeper Charter of YE 30 which was defined by the Government of the United Outer Colonies. The Grand Peacekeeper from YE 30 until YE 32 was Motoyoshi Kiyoko.

Treaties and Diplomacy

See the following documents:

Incorporated Species

The nation incorporated Jiyuuians ( UMC Synthetic Bodies and Yamataians), Lorath and Helashio.


The United Outer Colonies territories were those systems in the Yugumo Cluster. The region which as of YE 43 is now part of the Motoyoshi Colonial Sector of the Yamatai Star Empire.


The following Corporations conducted business in the United Outer Colonies:

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