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United Outer Colonies

The United Outer Colonies was an independent nation centered in the Yugumo Cluster and galactic southeast. The UOC was intended as neutral peacekeeper nation, grounded on a philosophy promoting intergalactic peace through the cooperation of all nations in the known universe.

Short History

The UOC was formerly a state of the Yamatai Star Empire, it declared independence in YE 30 and was recognized as a nation via the YE 30 UOC-YSE Treaty.

In YE 32 the UOC was decimated by large NMX fleets during the Second Mishhuvurthyar War after a mysterious communications black out cut the region off from itself and the rest of the sector. Upon further investigation of the incident, both the Prime Minister Tange-Katsura Ayana and Crown Prince, Motoyoshi Tio had disappeared under suspicious circumstances.

With no functional government, it was declared a failed state and reabsorbed into Yamatai in YE 33. In YE 36 some of its former holdings were given to the Lorath Matriarchy as part of the negotiations surrounding the signing of the Defense Arrangement Treaty (of the) Alliance of Signatory States, but they returned to Yamataian control in YE 39 when the Lorath vanished.

The creation of the UOC caused the Yamatai Star Empire to re-examine itself, which led to many reforms for good in Yamatai (including the ban of torture and slavery), and to the ascent of Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Himiko I of Yamatai to the throne, making the UOC secession an important part of SARPiverse history.

Longer History

Remember Taiie!

The Star Army of Yamatai Fifth Expeditionary Fleet explored and started settling Taiie as their headquarters. It is destroyed in a the Battle of Taiie with the Sfrarabla Mishhuvurthyar Xhrafuklurp (SMX) and the survivors are sent to Pisces Station as refugees.

A message window appeared on the screen nearest Marina, bearing the logo of the First Expeditionary Fleet; a short message followed. Apparently, the 1st XF and some of the decimated 5th XF were going to be stopping at Pisces for repairs, since Virgo and Gemini were fairly packed at the moment with fully repaired warships, both newly built and on loan from the fleet depot at Nataria. As the Chujo on the screen went on, she give statistics on the number of civilian and ship-less military evacuees they would be unloading on the station–There were a great many of them. As soon as she received the order, Marina was exasperated. This station couldn't handle that many refugees! The station was undermanned and the fleet's resources were stretched…and then there was the murderer to worry about, though he hadn't yet struck again. ~Taisa Marina Arisa

See Murderer on Pisces, 5XF personnel rebel to return to their fleet and contact the rest of the fleet, Taisho Irim arrests Taisa Arisa See Battle of Taiie logs from Miharu See Battle of Taiie logs from Sakura

Inciting Incidents

These incidents were the seeds of dissent that led to the Yugumo cluster colonies to declare independence from the Yamatai Star Empire. Unbeknownst to Senator Tange-Katsura Ayana this was all some sort of Sfrarabla Mishhuvurthyar Xhrafuklurp (SMX) plot by the Nightmare, Angelica to humiliate and destroy Katsuko and fracture the Star Army of Yamatai forces that was executed by the Tange clan, Hanabusa clan and Motoyoshi Tio.

  • Maltreatment of Taiie Survivors at the hands of the Pisces Station Administration
  • War with the SMX strains SAoY supply lines to 5XF, leading the 5XF to seek a trade agreement with Nepleslia
“I do not promise golden streets or miracle cures, either, just a simple and efficient way to help stability in this sector of the universe. We've been paying attention to the strained relations between the various forces of your empire. As you have accurately predicted with your words moments ago, we believe that the 5th XF is an unfortunate victim of several injustices, both intentional and unavoidable.” The Nepleslian clasped his gloved hands on the table, hushing his voice to barely above a whisper as he leaned in towards Katsuko. “I fear Yamatai is beginning to crumble. Her fleets are being ravaged by the Misshu, who are mere light years away from her home systems. She has more than enough on her plate as is.” He glanced over his shoulder, a precaution before he continued. “Yamatai is more concerned with what's going on in her backyard rather than what's going on here, and She's squandering a golden opportunity to strengthen her strongest outpost, this sector. With all due respect, should She continue to ignore the situation here, I feel that all that you and the Lorath have built will be destroyed.” With those words, he returned and rested his back against the chair. “Nepleslia cannot allow this to happen, so we are offering an opportunity to establish trade and diplomatic relations with the Yugumo cluster. We will provide you critical supplies, to be delivered to you by a fleet of our finest ships. We understand the trip will be dangerous, and that is why I say I cannot give you miracles. We can provide you with as much as our ships can carry in irregular shipments. Does this interest you, before I continue?” ~Sky Marshall Robert Davis
  • Freespacer Genocide and the death of Motoyoshi Kiyoko
  • Revelation from Melisson about the true origins of the YE 08 Plague
Katsuko said coldly, “So why did you not tell us? Let your commanders in the field know why it was this relentless enemy sought to destroy us.” She moved closer to him, leaning onto the table. “To know motive, is to understand strategy, it could of even lead to a peaceful resolution if you had bothered to be honest.” She said then bluntly pointing out, “With all due respect, your role at PNUgen would have put you into a position where you could of done something to prevent all this. Yet…as you have done throughout this entire war, you did nothing!” she pushed off the table and walked around it to sit opposite of him. “As far as I, or anyone else who knows or is about to know about all of this – You are as guilty as the rest of PNUgen, they have paid the price but you seem to have evaded it.” ~Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko
“It wasn't something I wanted to share,” Uesu said simply to Katsuko. “You know that the plague secured Yamatai's future from Nepleslian conquerors who ruled at the time, and, with the spin, secured the downfall of the Elysians, who at that time were our mortal enemy…surely you can see how such an act, though distasteful, was…beneficial. All of Yamatai had been offered the chance to upgrade to Geshrin and thus avoid the plague that had been spreading for five years. On the day of activation, the worst of our planet was the part that died.” ~Ketsurui Uesu
  • Growing power of the Military over the senate, the demotion of the original Yugumo Cluster (5th Fleet) representative in response to her politics
  • Distrust of the Star Army after Hanabusa Miho attempts to assassinate Tange Misato, leaving Hotaru open for attack from SMX forces.

See Yamataian Senate log: #81 Repealing Taisho Yui's Species Restriction Act See Murderer on Pisces, 5XF personnel rebel to return to their fleet and contact the rest of the fleet, Taisho Irim arrests Taisa Arisa See log: Taisho Motoyoshi Katsuko and Sky Marshall Davis negotiating trade between the 5XF and Nepleslia See the First IRC log See log: 5XF Confronting Emperor Ueso about the Plague, Katsuko becomes Empress of Yamatai See Unfortunate Night at Hotaru log See the Battle of the Great Lighthouse log

Operation Freedom Cake

YE 30, UOC declares independence, most of the 5th Expeditionary Fleet resigns. Empress and Taisho Motoyoshi Katsuko is humiliated as her children seize all of her assets and move it to the UOC. Her son, Tio, makes himself the Crown Prince of the new Nation.

See operation Freedom Cake Log


With the declaration of their independence from Yamatai, the newly settled outskirts of the United Outer Colonies have come under attack from pirates and other outlaws seeking to take advantage of the new nation's growing pains. Much later investigation after the fall of the UOC revealed that many of the attacks were done largely by Tange led Black Coats to force the UOC to create more ships.

The United Outer Colonies Peacekeeper Forces find themselves restrained by lack of resources and manpower to deal with all of the roles they were given The Pirate Task Force is formed to deal with the threat and teach citizens how to build up community policing programs. The UCS Zenpyou is launched for Counter Piracy operations.

SMX at the Gates

In a secret meeting with the Elder Mishhu, Melisson and Ayana agree to the surrender of the UOC in order to prevent the decimation of the colonies and spare the lives of the people that lived there. Melisson promised to leave them unmolested and under her protection, except for Tio whom she says is the cause of the 2nd SMX war. Ayana never delivers the surrender and is abducted along with her infant son by the Tange led Black Coats.

See UOC at the Crossroads Log See Tokyo, Blackest Night:Explosion at Serenity Log

Black Out

In YE 32, there was a mysterious blackout that blocked all communications into the UOC controlled space. The LSDF Trishka goes to Jiyuu System investigate the situation on the ground and locate the Prime Minister but are blocked at the border by a UOCPK ship.

“Yes, those were our orders, simply to block off the border. We don't know why we were told to do it… and, to be completely honest, it worried me and my crew. That is why we intentionally allowed our ship to be damaged by your own, trusting you to not to destroy us completely in the process of disabling our ship.” Kari spoke honestly as she frowned a bit. “It feels disgraceful to do such a thing, but I feel as a Captain in the Peacekeepers that it is my duty to look out for the larger portion of the United Outer Colonies, and not just sit blindly and wait to be relieved from such a duty.”
“Understandable… I'm sure your superiors will forgive your behavior, considering what you've said… but, it does not seem to be all, is there anything else that you know of which may have influenced the situation?” Chambers asked, eyeing the way Kari held herself, and she could see the unease presented by the Jiyuuian… it went beyond the intimidation of being at the mercy of another crew.
“Yes… actually…” Kari said, sounding more uneasy than ever before she spoke. “Shortly before the communication blackout… information was being bounced through the MIKO network that indicated there was increased NMX activity on our border, and there were several outposts which reported being engaged by the NMX… it was within the same few days that this order was sent out, as our sensors detected hyper-fold signatures of NMX ships progressing through our space. Before the network went down, there was some assumption being traded between captains as to what was transpiring…“

See LSDF Trishka- Mission 2.1 Log

They do not find the Prime Minster and instead discover martial law and chaos in Tokyo as a civil war wages between the United Outer Colonies Peacekeeping Forces and the Tange led Black Coats.

Of course, Korr'ih knew full well that it was not a live-feed, but she did want to get a full picture of what was being sent. When the operator put the message on screen, it indicated just what the scouting Se'len saw on the planet, as well as their shuttle's sensor data, and a bit of commentary from Se'len “Streets have been barricaded, martial law has been established, Peacekeeper forces are not in control, unknown black-uniformed individuals taking defensive posture around the administration complex. Well-armed, undoubtedly well-coordinated. Seemingly a coup d'etat has taken place. Will require support for system and beyond-system control of the situation. Require additional ships, equipment, and manpower. Will conduct infiltration as planned in hopes of finding Prime Minister. Se'len out.”

The Lorath call in addition forces and perform orbital bombardment of Tange Black Coats forces before eventually seizing control of Jiyuu.

There was a flurry of commotion about the LSDF Trishka, as space seemingly became as small as a thimble, and everyone was packed into it at once… at least that was how it seemed as weapons fire streaked about it, and starships plowed the way through oncoming weapons fire. It was directed chaos as the Lorath Self Defense Force responded to the Trishka's call for assistance in claiming the Jiyuu system and returning the rightful government to power. Aiding in this effort was a task-force, largely made up of small craft, flying in swarms that picked apart the opposition and flew CAS flights over the Black Coat held capital of the United Outer Colonies.
While the majority of the taskforce took a direct role in holding off the forces of the Tange Black Coats, the LSDF Trishka took a sideline role as it worked to secure key objectives in the fight to ensure the survival of the United Outer Colonies as they knew it. With one forward recon group already on the ground and in the parliament building, that left the Trishka to examine a number of alternate venues of which they could find either a means to regain control of the colonies, or to find the Prime Minister and secure her to prevent a proper coup.

See LSDF Trishka- Mission 2.2 log.


HomeworldJiyuu System
Head of StatePrime Minister Tange-Katsura Ayana
Government Org.Elected Assembly, Constitutional Monarchy
CurrencyHeiwa Electronic Credit (HS)

National Anthem

We were so far from home. So far from home. But we were still here, still waiting. Wishing that someday we would all be free.

We found out that home was here. Not so, far, far away. And we are here, we do not fear, and no longer waiting. We are free, we are free, free to be home.



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