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Spirit of Taiie War Orphan Act

This legislation is still being discussed on the Assembly floor.


To give children orphaned by war or odd circumstances a chance to live freely without pressing them into military service. And to provide all children with rights and a choice.

Children are individuals who are emotionally or mentally determined to be immature and needing guidance from more experienced persons. I.E. A nekovalkryja youngling that was living under the care of their parents or another guardian would be considered a child until the age of 1. A Geshrin, Yamataian or Nepleslian that is not an transferred soul from another body, under the age of 15, would be considered a child.


1) The Government will create a mandated Youth Budget to support youth education programs; housing; health care; academies; reward allowances from a proposed government budget. Donations from private citizens and organizations will also be accepted and used solely for the intended purpose of care and upkeep of the children.

2) Any orphaned children are to be provided a clean, safe place to stay with a bed to sleep on; as well as, as much food as needed for their physical well-being with a minimum of 3 nutritionally balanced meals a day at the expense of the government's youth budget. As children they have no income to support them and it is the duty of the government to help support them until they are old enough to support themselves through the usage of a governmentally mandated Youth Budget.

3) Children should be provided a quality education free to them and provided by a governmentally mandated Youth Budget.

4) To help foster some semblance of independance and reward hard work- children with good grades will be rewarded with a nice monetary allowance to be used however they wish at the end of each educational quarter.

5) All children will be given the opportunity to earn a decent wage in the hours they aren't studying or at work if they so desire.

6) Any child with a living guardian must have permission to take on a supplementary income outside of their family's business.

7) Any child not wishing to go through a government funded academy has the option to receive technical training through government funded educational programs for an occupational specialty of their choice.

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