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Peacekeeper Personal Communicator

This is intended for use by the United Outer Colonies Peacekeeping Forces.


Developed in YE 30 by the designer of the Multi-Function Bracelet, Yuriko Towa. She'd heard of the UOC's need of a communicator, and with her company being an independent civilian contractor catering to both civilian and military needs, she obliged with the design. The PPC, due to most of its functions, needed to be larger. Therefore, not to stick the Peacekeepers with one design, Yuriko designed several to suit an individual's aesthetic tastes. Each design has been chosen for comfort and easy management, not to mention keeping track of it is a breeze. The PPC uses the same form of power source as in Yuriko's previous designs, by being powered wirelessly while on Jiyuuian ships indefinitely, as the Shroud Suit and Multi-Function Bracelet were. However, when out in the field, it can run on its own internal battery, which has a life of three weeks.

Note: Due to the unique nature of the PPC, in some of its other styles the components are broken up into separate pieces. These pieces still function as one through a wireless connection.


  • Scanning: Life Sign Scanner, Maximum range is seven meters
  • Audio Communications: Speaker and a small embedded microphone.
  • Operation includes voice and telepathic command functions.
  • An advanced sub-sentient AI.
  • Volumetric Control Panel with Volumetric Keyboard for user friendly interfacing. This is used in tandem with the Life Signs Detection feature, Communications, and Shipborne Operations.
  • Secure Wireless Communications (subspace and radio), Quantum Level Encryption and lower is achieved by the advanced sub-sentient AI.
  • Translation in real-time for all major languages.
  • Personal Organizer, Shows up on the volumetric control panel. Can input data via the volumetric panel, or by voice command.
  • Can interface with a ship's MIKO Electronics Suite.


The PPC features a built-in security feature. This is simplistic, but prevents any thief from utilizing it. The PPC uses the life signs scanner to take a brief scan of your brain's neurological patterns, which is then stored on record. This is your โ€œkeyโ€ to using the device. The scan is non-invasive, and only takes a second to complete and run a check for a match. Should another individual try to use the PPC, it will simply not function, but will in most cases emit a soundless โ€œtheft alertโ€ signal to the wearer via the telepathic interface.


As previously stated, the PPC comes in several different designs.

Choker for the neck, it is lightweight and very durable, being made of high strength plastic, and ceramic composites with a carbon nanofiber weave. The base is black, with gold scroll work running along it. The volumetric display portion is a cuff link sized projector with its own power system, the jewel-like cuff link is purple. The displays it projects come up along the forearm, with a small volumetric keyboard hovering just above the forearm area, below the display itself. Information between the main portion of the communicator and projector is transfered over a secure wireless line. This variation is mainly favored by the females of the Peacekeepers, and is suited for the long sleeved version of the Peacekeeper Jacket. Males can also wear this.


The bracer variant is an all in one package. It covers the forearm and comes in the standard Motoyoshi colors, black base, gold scroll work with a purple volumetric projection jewel embedded within the middle of the top portion. It is made of the same durable materials as the Choker and Cuff link variant. To put it on is a simple affair, simply slip it onto your forearm, and tighten the clasps at the bottom.


The Armlet is the third, and final variant. And arguably the more hard to come by. The armlet is one solid mass, but is mad of โ€œlinesโ€ of the material as its brethren variants. These lines are arranged artistically in an intricate pattern and is about the same size as the bracer. The base is black as is normal, with tiny gold filaments running along each individual line of the armlet. The armlet ends near the back of the hand in one small, solid piece. This piece houses the purple volumetric projection jewel, and the piece is designed to resembled the head of a lion or dragon, with the eye being the volumetric projection jewel. The Armlet variant is usually a special order item.

OOC Notes

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