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Karasu Samurai

β€œWe are the North Wind” is their motto, which is to say: Cold and biting. Karasu Samurai have been trained in the ways of the sword and bow, but they favor the Naginata for its reach. They have been an organization in existence along with the Karasu Clan for centuries.

Before the outlawing of slavery in the Yamatai Star Empire they were frequently used as enforcers in the slave trade that made the Karasu clan rich.

Each Karasu Samurai owns and typically carries a Naginata with the Karasu Raven imprinted on the blade.

They follow a simple code:

  • Clan, Honor, Blood
  • Clan: First, because the highest honor is to serve the clan, and to preserve it – the Clan will be remembered, you will not be.
  • Honor: is victory over one's self and one's enemies.
  • Blood: is the representation of honor – the blood of one's enemies, the blood of one's self, and finally the blood of the family.

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