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Murasaki Clan

Murasaki Family Crest Murasaki Family Crest
General Information
Established BYE 169
Clan Head Murasaki Ryosei
Clan Allegiance Yamatai Star Empire
Associated OrganizationsMurasaki Keiretsu, Yamatai Star Empire

Family History

Daimyō Murasaki Ryosei The existence of the Murasaki clan extends back the better part of two centuries prior the formation of the Yamatai Star Empire, formed by a family of Uesureyan merchants upon the world of Geshrintall.

The clan started off fairly small and inconsequential, however their fortunes began to change when the family's interests became heavily invested in interplanetary trade. With their new-found wealth, the Murasaki established a merchant trading house, and then later expanded their assets to create an interplanetary shipping company of their own which increased in size and renown over the years. In more recent years the Murasaki have further expanded their holdings and established or obtained control of numerous other business ventures. Since the clans inception their collective enterprises have evolved into a modest conglomerate entity known as the Murasaki Keiretsu; a set of companies with interlocking relations and shareholdings somewhat akin to a smaller version of the Ketsurui Zaibatsu, maintained by the Ketsurui dynasty.

Though the existence of the clan predates the establishment of the Yamatai Star Empire, the Murasaki have for most of the Empires history had a close relationship with the growing star nation and its predecessor, the Uesureyan Star Empire. The clan transferred their consciousnesses to Human bodies when the service was made available by the PNUgen Corporation, and later when the Yamataian and Minkan body types became available the clan members all 'upgraded' once again. The vast majority of the Murasaki clan's holdings lie in Yamatai territories, and the clans fortunes are irrevocably tied to those of the Star Empire.

For the most part, the clan maintains a strong loyalty towards the Empire. Whilst the older generations of the Murasaki clan seem mostly concerned with mercantile matters, their youth are often found serving terms in the Star Army of Yamatai and it has not unheard of for some clan members to later choose military service as their primary career.

The present leader or 'Daimyō' of the clan is Murasaki Ryosei.

Notable Members

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