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Scientific Studies Service (SSS) - Tanken - Riezon (Liaison)

The Riezon (Liaison) section of the Scientific Studies Service (SSS) Tanken division, is charged with providing scientific experts to the Star Army of Yamatai. These men and women of science, normally have at least one degree in the areas of study the SSS covers.

Current Areas of Study

These are the current areas of study available in the SSS. Additional fields of study may be added in the future.


Prior to being assigned to a Star Army of Yamatai vessel, all Liaison personnel attend an intense training program covering Star Army of Yamatai history, Star Army Ranks, military protocol and basic Star Army emergency procedures. Once this training is completed they are made available for assignment.


Liaison personnel are accorded honorary rank in the Star Army of Yamatai. The following table shows the criteria and ranks.

(SAoY) Honorary Rank SSS Rank Requirements
Santô Juni GS-07 1 Bachelors degree
Nitô Juni GS-07 1 Bachelors degree and 1 Associates degree
Ittô Juni GS-08 2 Bachelors degrees, or 1 Master's degree


When assigned to a vessel the person while not controlled by Star Army of Yamatai Regulations are accountable to the authority on the ship. Liaison personnel are expected to behave in a professional manner, and consistent with the ship rules.

Liaison personnel normally wear the Tanken uniform during normal duty hours, with a ship's badge created for the ship they are serving on. This helps to keep their civilian status clearly displayed. Liaison personnel are only to personally engage in combat situations of self-defense. The Star Army of Yamatai will provide whatever specific equipment the Liaison person will need while assigned, examples include survival gear, communicators.

The commanding office of the ship can insist that the Liaison member wear the same uniform as their crew. If this option is taken the person will still wear their SSS rank pin, and only carry their SSS issued weapons. If the commander should make this decision, then the Star Army of Yamatai will issue the requisite uniform items. These items will be returned over to the Star Army of Yamatai upon completion of the assignment.

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