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Tanken Uniform - Scientific Studies Service (SSS)

Originally intended for Tanken personnel, it was decided that since any personnel in the SSS could be sent on expeditions, that it would become the standard apparel for all ground based personnel. Gustav Josea

About the Tanken Uniform

This is the primary uniform of SSS personnel. Designed to be durable, and provide basic protection from hazards.


A segmented jumpsuit with a zipper down the front. It is worn with a colored sleeveless T-Shirt that denotes the section of the SSS the wearer belongs to. The jumpsuit itself is actually two pieces that attach at the waist with a concealed zipper. A fabric belt is worn to cinch the waist. Boots complete the uniform. An optional vest is available that provides convenient storage of personal equipment.

Normal top

Top portion of the jumpsuit has hook and loop areas for attaching the various items. The zipper runs from the opening below the neck to the waist. A concealed zipper runs along the bottom of the top to attach it to the pants.

Alternate top

For hot environments an alternative top is available which has ventilated side panels. it is the same as Normal top in all other regards.


The pants have belt loops at the top, and two pockets in the front.


The Tanken uniform is made of special fabric, which is composed of three layers.

  • Inner layer - a soft fabric with moisture wicking properties
  • Middle layer - woven fabric made of para-aramid synthetic fiber, which provide durability and protection from sharp objects
  • Outer layer - moisture resistant fabric

Damage rating

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • SP 1 (Personnel)


The base color of the Tanken uniform is tan. The footwear is your basic safety boot.

Division colors

Color T-Shirt Division
Green Expedition
Blue Medical
Yellow Sciences
Tan Services
Black Security
Gray Tansaku
Orange Library
Purple Gakuin
Red Liaison
White Admin

Item placement

The following items are worn on the uniform.

Item Location Image
SSS Logo Left shoulder
Ship, Station or Expedition patch pre YE 36 Upper left chest
Ship, Station or Expedition patch YS 36 + Upper left chest
Rank pin Upper right chest

Note: In YE 36 the uniform patch was updated featuring a gold border.

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