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Veronica Military Sector

The Veronica Cluster is located just east of the Samurai Sector. Located between the Tsuya Nebula and the Sporfin Cloud. For the longest time this system was unused and the only Star Army of Yamatai presence was an outpost in the Veronica system. The Sector become more important in YE 32 when Star Army Training Administration was relocated to Veronica system. The Second Expeditionary Fleet provides for the defenses of this region.

Veronica Cluster


Named by Hanako of the YSS Sakura.

Objects of Interest


Space Stations


Veronica Defense Sector

The Veronica Defense Sector is the 30 LY diameter ring formed around the Veronica system as well as the Chiharu no Iori. It had a network of No-H1-1a - Kante Border Monitoring Station, and was beefed up with the inclusion of a network of Star Army FTL Sensor Drones. This provides local Second Expeditionary Fleet forces with a decisive defensive advantage against aggressive forces.

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