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Neshaten Must Knows

This page lists things that a Neshaten soldier must know while they are serving.


The Kingdom of Neshaten is plagued by terrorism due to the actions of several pro-laibe groups, groups such as the Netrunu'marol. It's because of these actions that their military is also plagued by these problems, with ships being sabotaged while they are in dry-dock or in a civilian spaceport. Their space program is heavily regulated to try and curb these problems, but no matter how hard they try, terrorists still slip through the cracks in security they have set up. This is considered an on-going problem that the Neshaten have been trying to fix.

Soldiers of all occupations are trained to keep an eye out for explosives or anything that doesn't belong on a base or on a ship, and cargo-checks are done constantly - especially on passenger ships.

Ruling Family

A Neshaten Soldier not only knows who the current ruling families are, but also their names, although it can be said that a soldier might not be aware if the King and Queen had only just been crowned and wasn’t around when the ceremony happened.


All Neshaten are aware of their past, that they were brought to the current Homeworld of Nesha Prime after a bloody and terrifying Great War that almost lead to their complete extinction. What no one knows is whether the war continued onward for another one hundred, two hundred, or even three hundred years or if their people were wiped out. They are also unaware of any other survivors, such as ships that might've fled in the waning days of the war or if other evacuation transports had managed to survive the exodus.

What Neshaten 'do' know is that the mighty technology they once had is no more and that it could end up taking many years to get it back.


As the Neshaten haven't met any other races, their commerce system is a closed system open only to Neshaten citizens. They have trade lanes for merchants to ply their trade along with trading stations located in various areas of their star system, along with civilian run luxury stations as well.


Most Neshaten pray to the goddess of Chilerious, and have a belief that they were born to accomplish some feat but are never told when. Although there are people who don't believe in the religion for one reason another. However, it is rare for a non-believer to attack or even ridicule those who do believe due to their culture.


Neshaten citizens are all well aware of the political structure of their Kingdom, including how much power Citizens, Nobles, and Royalty have.

They are aware that the Executive Branch runs the kingdom and approves or disapproves of laws. Where the legislative branch writes up the laws and the military branch oversees the Kingdom's defense.

All citizens are also aware that they are allowed to vote, that very important events such as a Declaration of War requires the approval of the citizenry. There is also an oversight committee worked by citizens to help ensure that no one is doing anything illegal.

So, while the Neshaten political structure is rather feudal in some areas - there is a lot of oversight.


Information about their culture can be found here: Neshaten Culture

To summarize, the Neshaten are a prideful people who value chivalry and family life but also very conscious about the environment and what is needed to maintain it. Neshaten are also taught in school about how to work together and not to fall into the cycle of hating each other, this is partly done due to their educational system, however for the Laibe this may not always work.


Neshaten Soldiers, at least those outside of the Engineering track, possess rudimentry knowledge of how their power technology functions. They are aware of how dangerous it is to mishandle a crystal, about how to store them, and about how to maintain any hardware that uses a power crystal.

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