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GP-12 Phased Pulse Rifle

The WickedArms Industries GP-12 Phased Pulse Rifle is a versatile energy rifle used by the Star Army of Yamatai. It is produced primarily in Ketsurui no Iori on planet Yamatai or in Star Army of Yamatai fabrication centers. It has been described as β€œpart sniper rifle, part assault rifle, part battle rifle and all military power.” It has a notably quiet discharge.


The GP-12 is affectionately nicknamed the "toaster" because of the way the BU-P50R battery sits in the stock like a slice of bread in a toaster and then pops out when released.

Price: Available for 500 KS at a Star Army Surplus Store, if you're a soldier or a veteran.


The Star Army of Yamatai adopted the WickedArms GP-12 series in YE 21 and continued using it until YE 28 when its producer, WickedArms Industries, closed down. In the interim, the Star Army relied on the Type 28 SMG but the SMG was felt to be inferior to a full rifle like the GP-12. The rifle was missed so much that eventually it returned to service in YE 30 after Ketsurui Zaibatsu began operating the GP-12 factory in Ketsurui no Iori.

The samurai nodded, then smiled at Nyton's weapons. β€œA GP-12a … it has been some time since I have used one of those. A good rifle.”


A lightweight, rugged, and customizable energy weapon which can heavily damage both organics and metals, the GP-12 uses easy-to-manipulate energy-phasing technology to disrupt molecular bonds. The GP-12 sports a sniper grip, a rail mount for fitting scopes, and adjustable β€œiron sights.” The GP-12 uses one BU-P50R battery that provides up to 50 pulses. Power remaining is displayed on an adjustable backlight display. The rifle also comes equipped with a fold-up forward grip and bipod. The bipod and forawrd grip can be easily removed and replaced with a grenade launcher. Sling harnesses fold out, and the quick-snap sling is easily stored in the butt. A combination laser range-finder/visible laser sight/flashlight system under the barrel makes shooting easier for those tough situations we all encounter from time to time.

The rifle is an ideal choice for ambush operations. It makes virtually no noise, and can be set to fire invisible pulses, making it difficult for the enemy to locate you. In addition, its long range and high accuracy give you an extra edge. It is somewhat larger than the GP-5, however, and is best used in open areas rather than close-quarters battle. And because there are no moving internal parts, the rifle requires almost no maintenance. It is shielded from EMP as well.

GP-12's come with your choice of grip color. The metallic components are available in black, gray, or chrome. GSA will use blue/gray;gray/gray;black/black for the Spacy and Black/Black;LeafCamo/Black;Gray/Gray for the Army.

  • Range: 6,000m (19,685 ft)
  • Ammunition Type: 0.5mm/0.2sec. 120 MW Pulses from BU-P50 battery cell.
  • Weight: 2.716 kg (5 lb.)
  • Length: 70.9cm ( 27.59β€œ)


The GP-12 has a few different models available. The GP-12A is the sniper/grenade launcher variant, while the 12B is the smaller, collapsible variant. The B1 is even smaller and seems to have inspired the SMG's size. The 12 and 12A have better EMP shielding. The GP-12B is the most common variant aboard starships, while planetary forces prefer the original version.

Model Image Description
GP-12 Original GP-12 Original GP-12 Standard version
GP-12A GP-12A Heavy version (shown with 40mm grenade launcher, leaf sight, and scope attachments)
GP-12B GP-1B Light, collapsible version
GP-12B1 Ultra-compact version (with laser sight)
GP-13 GP-13 There is also a pistol variant. See GP-13 Pulse Pistol


Type 37 Field Uniform with standard solid colors

  • Type: Phased pulse
  • Class: Energy Rifle
  • Sub-class: Battle rifle
  • Base model: GP-12
  • Sub-models: GP-12A, B, B1
  • Dimensions: 709 x 202 x 33 mm
  • Mass: 2,716 g
  • Rate of Fire: 300 rounds/min
  • Range: 6,000 m
  • Energy rating: Severe damage (120 megajoules). Phased weapons tear apart molecular bonds. Effective against any light target.
  • Capacity: 50 (BU-P50 or P50R Large or Small in top of stock).

Controls: Left-side switch above rear grip changes from safety, single and fully automatic. Shot counter on left side; adjustable back light. Switch present somewhere on rifle to switch between laser range-finder, laser aiming and flashlight. Battery removed by pushing button in front of it on left side.

Additions: Mount for scope, adjustable iron sights, removable folding forward grip and bipod, retractable sling harnesses, trapdoor in rifle butt for sling. Multiple colors. 40 mm grenade launcher.

Additional Art

Here's some old artworks with the GP-12 in them.

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