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Hanya is the western most continent on Planet Nepleslia. When Nepleslia was originally settled, Hanya was home to race of mostly female giants, Hanyans, that were described in legend and old records as “being twice as tall as a normal man and pleasingly formed”. The smaller male inhabitants of Nepleslia subjugated and ate the giants who are thought to be extinct.


Hanya was originally a highly mountainous and heavy forested continent. The last remaining densely forested areas on the outskirts of the capital city of Hanya were cut down by YE 09. The landscape is now heavily industrialized like the rest of Nepleslia. Many of the original mountain ranges have been removed to tiered to better accommodate the needs of Nepleslian roadways and commerce.

There are several trains and large roadways that criss-cross and make traveling across Hanya by hover or wheeled vehicle fairly convenient.

Local Commerce

Many of the cities along the coast focus on fishing and minor shipping but the main industry on Hanya is mining and the processing of those mined ores into metal. There has been a push to try to change some of the more rundown areas of Hanya into parks.

Landmarks and Places of Note


Ayhan functions as the capital city of Hanya and is coastal town that's main industry is fishing and shipping. In the center of the main town square is a life size statue of a 12 foot tall, beautiful Hanyan woman wearing only a loin cloth with long hair strategically covering her nipples, named, Az'lia who was supposedly the tribe leader of the giantesses. The town is dock and landing pad centric with housing and shops spread out in a large half circle emanating from the coast.

Golden Triangle

The “Golden Triangle” is a gated community within Ayhan where the more wealthy citizens of Hanya reside with lush estates, many with self-sustaining vegetable gardens. It is named such due to the presence of jewelers and goldsmiths that live within the community.

Convent of the Merciful Creator

At the base of Mount Hanya is a complex of four two-story stone cottages surrounded by a large stone and iron gate, that functions as a convent for a small parish of mostly Geshrin women seeking solace in their love of the Creator. The convent has a self-sustaining vegetable garden enclosed within the gated courtyard. The nuns live their lives in quiet, religious contemplation and from time to time, the nuns will take in orphaned children and help find them homes in other parts of Nepleslia. It is rumored that the nuns are mostly former rogues, assassins and spies looking for a life in isolation.


A small base town located beside a crater that the Officer Training Academy, NSS Charter sits in. The town relies heavily on revenue from visiting officers, senior enlisted and the families of the military personnel stationed at the NSS Charter in order to stay afloat. In order to keep their possible customers from travelling elsewhere, the town has a series of bars/pubs, strip clubs, barber shops and a handful of gun and cybernetic shops.

La Hanya

In the heart of Hanya, nestled in a deep mountain valley is the sleepy little town of La Hanya where the main tribe of the Hanyans were have said to have lived. It is a quiet mining town that is split in half by a large river. Many of the towns folk live in the valley but there are shops, houses and other structures that have been built into the mountainsides and are accessible by a tiered trolly system.

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