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Hinoki Pagoda

The Hinokai Pagoda is an Independently owned and operated space station that slowly wanders around Nepleslian space, renting out its huge auditorium for parties, balls, conventions, and other such events. It is 1 KM across and about 1 KM tall. It contains four 500m wide ship landings, and 8 external docking arms, allowing a number of ships to dock at the station for events. It is undefended and empty of anything valuable except fuel. Events must be furnished by the renter.

The Main Auditorium is about 750 meters across and 100 meters tall inside, and has four enormous view ports which show views of space. There are four exits, which lead to the outer ring section, that contains all the support features and lodging for crew and guests. The station can support around 1,000 people for about a week without resupply.

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