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Ice Queen Mountains Test Range Complex

The Ice Queen Mountains Test Range Complex (IQM-TRC for short) was a PNUgen Corporation facility located deep in the Ice Queen Mountain Range on Planet Yamatai.


In YE 24, during the Second Draconian War, the Ice Queen Mountains Test Range Complex was headed by Dr. Ingrid Sarasdottir, Ph.D., Psy.D., M.D. 1).

PNUgen was shut down by the government of the Yamatai Star Empire in YE 27, and the Ice Queen Mountains Test Range Complex was seized.

The location of the complex is visible on this old map image (click to enlarge):



The IQM-TRC is located North of Black Sands Test Range and West of Ketsurui no Iori (on the other side of the mountains). It has an old rail network line to Central Uesureya, which is the best way to reach it.

By YE 42, the complex had been largely forgotten and had fallen into disrepair, visited only by occasional urban explorers who tag it with graffiti.

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