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IIS Avalon

The Avalon is the home hub for Iemochi Integrated Systems, a space station the size of a city - built by GS. Included are the shipyards maintains their security fleet and refits or add their parts into any ship that needs it. While it used to be located at AX-03, the station was moved to Delsauria in YE 39, with the station previously located in Nepleslia being repurposed. This change of location was to assist in the ease of providing IIS services to Nepleslia and the station will jump once more when business is complete.

The station is the size of a small city. While it is a private installation, travellers are authorised to dock and travel near-freely throughout the station. This is highly regulated however, with the station handling those who break the laws of Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia and the rules of the station harshly. Despite the presence of travellers, the majority of the station's population are employees of the company and their families.

The Avalon also acts as home shipyards and dockyards for the ISS security fleet, which provide security services for the company and its assets. It serves as the second home of the Iemochi Family, with the headquarters obviously being on Kyoto and also is home to the largest concentration of Iemochi Innovations & Sales employees of anywhere in the Kikyo Sector or beyond.

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