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Juuitsu Farm Complex

This page provides details on the farm complex operated by the Tamahagane Corporation, at Teisenjou.

The complex rings the Kakouko lake and is is twenty miles deep. This entire complex was built on the crater where the Tamahagane Corporation Citadel (Nejiro) Tower was constructed.

This facility encompasses 976,720 hectares, and is divided into four quadrants. Each quadrant grows a different crop and multiple crops are grown in the course of a year. One quadrant is capable of producing more than 9 million tons of rice. Each quadrant has an irrigation system to provide water for the plants. Each farm is staffed with humans and droids.

The inner edge of the complex is the transport network. It is a ten meter wide ring that automated containers filled with produce are transported along to the access road at either side of the city, and then shipped into the north side for processing.

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