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Blaze's Spot

Blaze's Spot is a representative, commercial settlement of Neplesia within Yamatai's Reikan Park, which functions as Nepleslia's embassy. The allotted area reaches over the lengths of two square kilometers, taking advantage every ounce of land provided by Yamatai. All citizens of Yamatai are welcome to enjoy the amenities and lifestyle of Nepleslian culture within the bounds of the granted territory.

The History of the Spot's Development

Blaze's Spot was conceptualized by Wilson J. Tybault, a Funky City civil designer, when the Senate of Nepleslia approved the financial budgeting of an embassy on Yamatai in YE 36. Tybault's goal was to show the Yamataian's the mistake of allowing Nepleslia the creative freedom of developing their own lots, while also creating an atmosphere any wayward Nepleslian would enjoy. In short, Wilson wanted to put a piece of Nepleslia on Yamatai, in a very Nepleslian fashion. This lead to a great deal of discontenting arguments between Yamataian Civil Coordinators and Nepleslian Civil Constructors.

Construction of Blaze's Spot was hampered by these sort of discussions, mainly about how Yamataian Civil Coordinators couldn't accept the fact that Nepleslian meters were bigger than Yamataian meters. Nepleslian build crews with nano-constructionists and various habitat workers also had trouble adapting to Yamatai's clean air, and were hassled constantly by park officials about their smoking habits. Building supply routes were hampered by differing styles of shipping, where as the Nepleslians simply wanted to precision-pod their materials on planet, the Yamataians insisted on safer, more time-consuming shuttling procedures. Kyoto's Municipal Police Force reported a total of fifty-six arrests in the surrounding area, all of them Nepleslian.

Even with a great deal of differing ideologies, the Spot's construction was completed on schedule; particularly, on the last scheduled day.

The Spot's name is made for the deceased son of a Nepleslian leader, and the father of a Yamataian soldier.


Blaze's Spot encompasses a very long range of land, and possesses a number of buildings beside an embassy. All natural earth has been pounded and covered in a strong foundation material support the buildings and road-ways above it. Meter tall walls surround the edge of this massive expanse, and sport sentries supplied from the NSMC to patrol and watch the edges. All citizens from all nations are allowed entry into the Spot with an additional, passive security check equal to the one granted at the entry of Reikan park.

Wilson J. Tybault Center

The Wilson J. Tybault Center, or Tybault Tower, is the central embassy building of Blaze's Spot. Reaching up to 249.95 meters in height, to the top of the landing pad on the roof, the Tybault Tower can be seen from all around the Spot. To enhance its purpose, the tower has a large, neon sign on its northeast corner that flashes 'EMBASSY' for those not wise to the settlements construction.

Built upon a hill to emphasize importance, the stairs leading up into the Center are of a solid marble. Flanking the border of the stairs are brass statues of Nepleslia's greatest leaders, Premiers and Admiralty. Standing at the center, splitting the stairs is the most imposing figure of Robert Davis, and at his feet always stands a single Aggressor Heavy Assault Armor. Past the glamorous entry-ways are a simple of set of glass doors that slide open to allow entry into the first level of the building.

The first level of the Tybault Center is purely reception and receiving. Besides acting as a embassy to Yamatai whenever political needs are to be sated, the building also acts a corporate center for surrounding business and management facilities for the Spot's needs. Two floors on the building are reserved for individuals, normal people, who are waiting to be addressed, one floor is for smokers, one is for breathers. Another floor is singled out to house the military command which manages the security forces and Aggressor sentry.

Shore Leave

The Shore Leave is a conglomeration of various bars and restaurants under one room. The area is a large, open-air facility that with a kinetic-shielded roof to cover patrons during rainy days. Surrounding the only section of green in the whole territory are large number of bolted tables with pneumatic tubes that serve to bring and take food. On the green stands a statue of five Hostiles coming down on a single Ripper in melee. Embedded into the structure around all of this are the several bars and eating establishments, including a Neppies.

Volumetric windows will play big screen shows of Nepleslian sports events, and on occasion, Yamataian sports events that might seem interesting.

AwesomeCorp Awesomeplex

This area is built much like a shopping mall, and serves to sell products mostly found only on Nepleslia, for Nepleslian prices. AwesomeCorp hosts the building on site, and also possesses a store within as well, but various Nepleslian manufacturers can find their items here. Since the store is on Nepleslian territory, the buying and selling of firearms are permitted.


A night club which supports a zero-g dance floor and a ridiculous bass system, which can, at times, be heard across the park. Constructed to the same appeal as the rest of Blaze's Spot, the emBASSy takes on the disguise of an actual embassy, with the flavoring of Nepleslia's best dives. A reception will greet all patrons at the front, analyzing those for entry on those busy nights. Booths for drinking are made to resemble small offices. The dance floor itself is modeled after a massive waiting room. The image is often completed by the fact that embassy workers will come after hours and release their stress.

The 'Nepleslian Emissary' is a bar within the emBASSy that sports an enlarged office with a bar table. Here, all the drinks are served from Nepleslia's secondary and deceptive ambassador.

Non-Nepleslian citizens within the emBASSy are responsible for fights they've started or lost.

Roachmere Motel

Named after a sturdy and legendary Nepleslian Senator who died in the Nepleslian attacks from the Mishhu, the Roachmere Motel sports apartments for all working staff. The building is over thirty floors tall, and sports a wide arrange of living arrangements standard for Nepleslian living. Tenants are entirely Nepleslian, as non-nepleslian citizens are not granted service for the sake of providing room for the Spot's staff and wayward Nepleslians. Spot staff are given a reduced rate for living within the Roachmere Motel.

So as to not play down the grand nature of the central tower, all thirty floors of the Roachmere Motel are underground, accessible by a subway-like entrance.

Gunpowder Breezes

While other areas of Blaze's Spot commemorate Nepleslia's love of drunkenness, food, fighting, camaraderie, and drunken fighting, Gunpowder Breezes provides the central component of every Nepleslian's life. Taking up a larger majority of the 2km allotted zone, this gun range provides to sate any gun nuts thirst for the squeeze of the trigger. People are allowed to bring their own guns and ammo, but rental weaponry and ammunition are provided for a large majority of individuals. There are several ranges that pander to different kinds of shooting, pistol, short-range rifle, long-range rifle, explosive(extra-shielded), and other various styles provided.

Blaze Police Department Headquarters

Being not only a landmark of Nepleslian-Yamataian relations, Blaze's Spot is an important facility to Nepleslia in that represents them on the front of diplomatic relations. This is why the Spot has been granted four Aggressors and twelve-hundred Golems for the four security shifts of one aggressor(The Sentry) and three hundred soldiers. All soldiers and staff are active-duty personnel and have served extensively.

Affectionately called the Fire Police, these men and women patrol the streets and walls of Blaze's SPot to ensure that fights do not get out of hand. Their command center is within the Tybault Tower, but operations go out of the Blaze Police Department Headquarters located just adjacent to the Tower. The DHQ supports a small jail for any of the rowdier patrons, and a holding cell for any criminals turned in at the embassy or found on the grounds committed felonies. The small military might of Blaze's Spot is also housed here, and where all Military Police Officers arm up for duty.

Non-Nepleslian criminals will not be contained within the DHQ, and will be instead, literally thrown off the Spot premises at the complying Kyoto Municipal Police who come to pick them up. Nepleslia is not responsible for any injuries sustained through this process.

The Sentry

While most of the Spot Police might be soldiers of various lengths of military background, The Sentry is a Marine hand-picked by the Sky Marshall himself. Of all personnel there are four Sentries, one for each security shift. These four people are veterans beyond comparison, and usually have service records dating back to the Street Wars.

The duty of the Sentry is symbolic, being the crowned symbol of Nepleslia. The Aggressors they stand guard in are marked individually with honors of service ribbons and campaign stars; they are 'blinged' out with war-paint, golden trim, and personal touches of each pilot. Each Powered Armor suit is a mark one version, has served extensively, and has been refitted and upgraded for the important service of defending Nepleslians serving abroad. This assists in showing all incoming visitors to the embassy just the sort of people they're dealing with.

However, The Sentry does not act unless an emergency is declared. Most days, the Sentry will stand silently at the feet of Robert Davis. Should an emergency arise, the current acting Sentry will engage threats in accordance with local Yamataian Military, and the other three pilots will join in short time.

Nepleslia has stated that their reserve Sentries will act in the interest of other nations should Yamataian Military permit them to have the fun to do so.

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