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Uesureyan Fields

Uesureyan Fields is the Planet Yamatai's largest starport. It is a huge and ancient (pre-Yamatai Star Empire) military base on Planet Yamatai. Uesureyan Fields is located east of Central Uesureya and is extensively connected by rail. Although Uesureyan Fields is a civilian city, its population is primarily government workers and military soldiers. Most civilians work in the logistics field.

For the Uesureyan Fields on Planet Nepleslia, see: Uesureyan Fields (Nepleslia)


Fort Victory was located in Uesureyan Fields from YE 21 to YE 25.

During much of the YE 20s and 30s, Uesureyan Fields was the headquarters of Star Army Logistics.

In YE 24, at least part of the depot was formerly known as the PNUgen Uesureyan Fields Manufacturing and Storage Depot. During the Second Draconian War it was headed by Dr. Arvakr Wikkedsson, Ph.D., Psy.D., M.D.1).

In YE 27, the YSS Ongaku was crewed at Uesureyan Fields2).

In YE 28, the headquarters of Star Army Logistics Command, located in Uesuryean Fields, conducted an events where they gave away free Type 28 mass Production Pistols to Star Army soldiers3).

The YSS Eucharis frequently used Uesureyan Fields as its β€œhome” starport in the YE 30s.

In YE 39, Star Army Logistics transferred its headquarters back to Central Uesureya.

General Layout

Most of Uesureyan Fields is underground; the surface is a seemingly endless massive flat nonstick surface for starship landings. Due to it its Zesuaium construction, the city beneath is well protected.

Beneath the endless barren spaceport there was a real city, with roads and neon lights, convenience stores, superstores, brothels, tattoo parlors, and lots of clubs and taxi cabs.

Level Description
Surface Level Starship and shuttle landing areas and elevators.
City Level Extensive underground offices, restaurants, clubs, etc
Transport level Railways and utilities
Cargo Level Storage facilities for military equipment
Systems Level Misc systems, secure bunkers, etc

Businesses and Shops


Uesureyan Fields is part of the PAINT mass transportation system and has a terminal operated by the Star Army of Yamatai. It has a flight to Fort Minori, Planet Nataria. It is also connected by rail to Kyoto and Central Uesureya. The East rail line from Uesureyan Fields goes to Winsonville and the South line goes to Vela.

Notable Assets

OOC Notes

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