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Energized Crynatorium

A form of expensive armor used by the Kingdom of Neshaten on their warships.

Energized Crynatorium is a form of energized armor plating created by recycling a still active Lunebaren Crystals, in other words a crystal that is still able to generate power, and then combining it's energized powder into the construction process of Crynatorium Armor Plating. This effect improves upon its protective nature and gives it a bluish glow across its surface.

This kind of armor is very expensive to create, and not at all cost-effective, because of the high risks that a functional crystal can blow up during the recycling processes. This armor plating is found only on warships and is forbidden from usage by civilians.

Along with the properties of Crynatorium Armor, it also has expands upon it's reflective coating by making it capable of absorbing energy weapons for a limited amount of time before the energized properties dissipate (after four-five hits)

This type of energy based armor draws power from the ships reactor, thus it can be turned off to resemble regular Crynatorium armor or turned on to resemble its current energized state.

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