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Yarvex Foam

Designer: Kuroaki Isuzu
Manufacturer: No current manufacturer.


Yarvex Foam is the product of an alternate maufacturing process for Yarvex Mesh, in which the mesh structure formed by the interwoven Yarvex strands creates a three-dimensional a matrix of sealed cavities. These cavities may be filled or partially filled with solid, liquid or gaseous material to give Yarvex Foam various properties.


Yarvex Foam is composed of interwoven Yarvex mesh membranes arrayed in a three-dimensional nanoscale matrix. Yarvex Foam is manufactured using largely the same process as Yarvex mesh, with an additional step to fill the cavities formed in the weave.


Yarvex is a non-classical material woven from long, nearly unbreakable strings of gluons. Yarvex has close to zero mass and the bonds between the gluons are unbreakable, freely mobile and static in length. Yarvex mesh is pliable, chemically impermeable and nearly indestructible. Yarvex Foam shares all of these properties, and may have additional properties dependant upon what is used to full the cavities in the foam. For example:

  • Gas-filled cavities would give Yarvex Foam the ability to absorb kinetic energy through compression, allowing it to be used as durable padding.
  • Vaccum-filled cavities would make Yarvex Foam an excellent thermal insulator.
  • Cavities filled with radiation-blocking material would make Yarvex Foam suitable for use as radiation shielding.

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