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Galactic Chaos

Galactic Chaos is an Interstellar Roleplaying Game created by Iron Chrysanthemum (IC). Launched on an interstellar level, everyone plays on the same game servers, be they Nepleslian or Yamataian. The goal of the game is to provide an enjoyable experience to all players. Each game serve can have a different setting, for example the game server “Knight Games” is set in medieval Europe, focused around knighthood, chivalry, and the quest for glory. A wide variety of game servers exist so that every user can play a game they like.

Galactic Chaos is fully immersive. You don't sit at a gamescreen to play, instead you are fully immersed into the virtual world.

In addition to buying the Chaos Box users are charged a small monthly fee to keep the game operational.

Yamatai Nepleslia
Chaos Box 250KS 600DN
OID 100KS 200DN
Monthly Fee 10KS 20DN
Server Hosting Fee 20KS 40DN
2 DA = 1 KS, if this exchange rate changes, modify prices accordingly.
In Nepleslia the Chaos Box comes with 1 OID.


The menus in Galactic Chaos are called “rooms”. Rooms can be rearranged however the user likes and can take on whatever appearance they desire. The default setting is a grey/black emptiness with volumetric screens, but themes such as an office or house can be loaded at any time. Themes can also be user created.

Avatar Room

This room is where you can make or modify your custom avatar. You can change anything about it, species, hair, facial features. You can load or create racial templates in addition to being able to completely change everything. Because of this, when you first log in you create a custom avatar. You can look like anything, or anyone you desire. You can create an avatar for each world you use.


This room is the gateway to all game servers. Here you can search for a server that you would like to join and enter it.

Free Servers

Free Servers are playable by any avatar. Avatars can freely move in between Free Servers.

Dedicated Servers

These servers are a lot stricter. Avatars created on a dedicated server are stuck there unless the server has someway to move to another world (probably due to some plot device for the server).

Custom Servers

For a small fee, a user can create their own game server that is hosted by IC. Users will need to develop the server themselves with the included world editor, or they can pay IC to do it for them. The user has access over who can enter and play on their server.


This room allows the user to change the setttings of the Galactic Chaos.

Parental Controls

As the name suggests, this allows the parent to control several factors of the game including: Time spent playing and accessible content.


In order to play Galactic Chaos the user must buy the game machine otherwise called a Chaos Box.

"Digital" Species

For digital brained species such as Yamataians and Nekovalkyrja, operation is quite simple. The user merely establishes a mental link with the Chaos Box. As the user plays, their brain transmits information to the Chaos Box, which processes the information, relays it to the game server, and then relays additional information to the users brain.

"Non-Digital" Species

Organic Interface Device (OID)

For species who lack digital brains, another method of interaction with the Chaos Box had to be created, the Organic Interface Device. The OID is worn like a pair of headphones, with a few differences. The set is worn horizontally, with the band on the back of the skull leaving the eyes uncovered, instead of vertically like most traditional headsets. Furthermore, where the device reaches the ears, instead of the device covering or entering the ear, it becomes a J shape. The hook of the J rests on the ear, and the longer leg of the J extends above the ear to the temple. Each side of the headset has 3 electrode pads. The lower electrode pad stops at the back of the ear, just before where the jawbone connects with the rest of the ear, while the upper 2 electrode pads are on an arm that extends from above the ear to about the temple. The first electrode pad is placed right above the ear, the second is designed to face the temple and is placed on an extendable section of the arm. An additional 3 electrode pads are evenly spaced along the back section of the device. All electrodes are built facing toward the brain. In Nepleslia, the OID is included with the Chaos Box at the time of purchase. In Yamatai it is purchasable as a separate piece of equipment.


Using the OID interfacing with the Chaos Box becomes much simpler. Operation becomes identical to that of a “Digital” species, except you need the OID of course. A large difference between “Digital” species and “Non-Digital” species is that while a “Non-Digital” user is playing, their body is rendered inert, in a state of REM. A safety feature monitors all physical stimuli to the users body while they are playing and automatically disconnects the user should it become necessary. The safety feature cannot be disabled. This is necessary so that the users brain doesn't confuse the real world with that of the game server, and perform actions that are unhealthy or dangerous to others.

First Time Use

First time users with an OID system, or users interfacing through a different Chaos Box than they normally use will need to go through a short 30 minute process before they can begin. During this 30 minutes the OID emits a low grade scalar wave that forces the wearer to fall asleep and enter REM. During this time the OID begins relaying the users nueral activity back to the machine for analysis and nueral pathway mapping. After the process is completed the user will be woken up and may begin playing Galactic Chaos at any time.


Chaos Box

The Chaos Box is the users link to the network, without this the user is unable to play. The Chaos Box has a high end processor and high speed wireless data transfer capabilities. It also has a sizeable amount of hard disk space to store the information about it's users nueral pathways. Each Chaos Box has enough hard disk space to store information about 2 users. Any person can use any chaos box, it just needs to be synchronized. With “Digital” species the synchronization is much faster than “Non-digital” species. Each Chaos Box has a password, and attempting to synch without knowing the password is impossible.

Chaos Box dimensions Length: 7.5 cm (2.95 inches) Width: 7.5 cm (2.95 inches) Height: 5 cm (1.96 inches)

Optional modes

Host Mode

Should a user wish to create a private game server that is temporary or is unable to connect to the main service, then they may activate Host mode. In host mode the user's Chaos Box creates the game server. Because of this game servers are limited in size, mostly based off the size of the network. Host mode has a limitation of 10 people to make up the network. While operational, this network acts as a single unit with the processess distributed evenly across the whole. If an additional Chaos Box joins while the network is running the transition is smooth and unfelt, and processess will be distributed to the Chaos Box while it runs. However, if someone leaves the network, there will be a period of about 5 minutes during which the game is unplayable do to the machines resynchronizing and distributing server workloads. Due to the large amount of communication necessary, Host mode has a limited range of 70 meters, or 229 feet.

"Fast" Mode

In this mode, the computer informs the users brain (or OID) to increase the users thought speed. This allows the user to feel as if they have been playing the game for longer than they actually have. The effect can be as much as 8 game minutes to 1 real minute. While the user is playing time will seem to be passing normally. When they log out however, only an 1/8th of the time will have passed. This effect is adjustable, however the maximum is 8:1. As a safety measure, Fast mode can only be engaged for 1 hour (8 hours game time). Users should rest after using Fast mode for longer than 30 minutes. In order for “Fast” Mode to work, ALL users on the network must have enabled the option.

Health Notes

General: While in the game world the user may feel like they are getting exercise, eating, drinking, etc. The reality is they are not. Users should be aware of their bodies real physical needs. It is recommended that you exercise frequently in the real world, and not skip mealtimes.

Fast Mode: While fast mode does increase synaptic activity, users should be aware of the strain that this places upon their brains. To the brains 8 hours DID pass. It is recommended that users not operate heavy machinery or drive after using “Fast” Mode. If you feel tired after using “Fast” Mode, you should rest immediately for 6-9 hours. Use of “Fast” Mode in addition to staying awake for a normal amount of time can rapidly lead to sleep deprivation.

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