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Astral Cluster

Astral Cluster: (-580, 807) from Kiyko Sector

The Astral Cluster is a massive, largely uncharted star cluster that is the home to the reclusive and isolated Iromakuanhe race, as well as other, lesser known civilizations. It is named after the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth, the de-facto superpower of the region.

Unlike the Kikyo Sector, who were completely colonized by their dominant powers, the Astral Cluster is largely untouched by colonization and relatively unmarked by war. Because of this, the Astral Cluster has a great wealth of relics and ruins from previous civilizations, and the Iromakuanhe trace the origins of their civilization to the union of human colonist culture one such progenitor race. These ancient worlds are not without their own difficulties, as archeological attempts hamper colonization and the relics of elder races pose hazards of their ownโ€ฆ


See Iromakuanhe History and Recent Iromakuanhe History for more information.

Early History [Until AR 935]

Although remote and unexplored, there is a great deal of history in the Astral Cluster. In a previous era, it was the battleground between powerful precursor races, one of which went on to become the Makuori patrons revered by he adherents of the Dreamer Vigil. Otherwise, little is known of them and their past, other than that they constructed living war machines of great and terrible power and were otherwise gifted in the life sciences, have done little besides provide counsel and advise their Iromakuanhe stewards for the past millennium.

Human colonization did not follow the typical patterns of exploration, so much of the region is still uncharted or partially mapped through tentative scanning. The Iromakuanhe's human ancestors, the Saal, arrived upon the Iruotl System by accident through a rift gate at an unknown region space beyond known space, bypassing all the navigational difficulties and strange hazards the region's ruins might pose, at the cost of being largely ignorant of them for most of their history. Following their union with the Makuori, the Iroma went on to found a successful and flourishing civilization at the core of the cluster, isolated from the rest of galactic society.

War of Reclamation [AR 935 - Present]

The region is not without its own conflicts and political divisions, even today. In four centuries, the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth has faced three successive rebellions from their outer system colonies in Iruotl, quelling them to preserve the stability of their nation and secretly exiling many of the insurgents from the homesystem to the stars beyond. Over a century ago, the first two went on to found their own civilizations under principles that suited their founders best. Eight years ago, the third rebellion went on to conquer the first after suddenly acquiring immense industrial power and has risen to strength as a belligerent superpower contesting Commonwealth hegemony.

Ironically, the Commonwealth itself was never aware of its diaspora nations or the wider world, and only began to venture out when it finally came under attack by a rebuilt New Veyrin Republic in AR 935. After this event, the Iromakuanhe Iromakuanhe Conclave ruled that an Astral Vanguard forcibly disarming the nascent NVR to press it into a diplomatic resolution was its top priority. In doing so, the long-isolated Commonwealth found itself leaving its familiar white star behind and heading out to other systems to find the unknown NVR homeworld.

Objects of Interest

Star Systems

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Astral Threshold
Caliban Depression
Damask Abyss
Ekhazar Highlands
Garden of Mu'Klamal
Giedi Depression
Nagghida Gateway

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