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Kitanomaru is a fine dining restaurant in Kyoto.

Location and Description

It is on the border of the Imperial and Downtown districts with amazing views of both. It slowly rotates to give its customers beautiful views of both districts. It overlooks Kitanomaru Park, which it is named after, which is a large public park with many Sakura trees. However, that is far from the only landmark of the Imperial District which can be seen from Kitanomaru. The Uesureyan Fortress can be seen as well.


While it is best known for its Steak, The Kitanomaru makes it a point of being able to make any kind of food imaginable. Ukemochi constantly strives to not only serve every kind of food but the best example of that food anywhere. The wine cellar is expansive. If a customer wants to bring a wine that is not on the 3,000 plus wine list, they can for a 150 KS uncorking fee. The Kitanomaru is always busy, often there are waiting times of three or four days to get a table.


Frequently on lists of the most expensive places to eat in the Kikyo sector, Dinner at Kitanomaru starts at 400 KS, not including wine or tax. That is the cost of the nine-course chef’s tasting menu. (There are three tasting menus daily.) The table checks are rarely below 1000 KS and often significantly higher. Canceling a reservation without a 48-hour notice costs 200 KS.

Dress Code

There is a dress code requirement. In the words of Ukemochi, β€œPeople come to Kitanomaru for the finest dining experience anywhere on Yamatai. I expect the best out of myself, my staff, and my customers. I've found that getting dressed up puts people in the mindset where they expect something more from themselves and others. Nothing but the best. That's the mindset I want to cultivate here at Kitanomaru and that's why we have a dress code.”


Kitanomaru is owned by Ukemochi, a Neko who served in special forces during the First Mishhuvurthyar War but found her true passion for cooking.

Ukemochi's Lab

To help her create the best food possible, Ukemochi has a lab where she perfects every recipe. For 250 KS, customers will be served five courses. However, there is no menu, they are served whatever Ukemochi is working on at the moment. The atmosphere is a lot more casual and Ukemochi can often be found asking people what they think of her latest creation.

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