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Guardian's Sanctuary Hospital

The Guardian's Sanctuary Hospital is a Location in Obsidian City located on Sirris VI in the faction of New Dusk Conclave. It is affiliated with NDC Department Of Medical Services (D.O.M.S.).


The New Dusk Conclave’s Guardian Sanctuary Hospital was established after section 6’s arrival into their new home world, before the establishment of the new government. In order to build their city, starships were taken apart, parts of this was added to create the hospital, and the medical compartments were used for the hallways, and the Wards. The hospital was built in what would become the city’s town center, though they would establish additional Hospitals later on as the need came for them.

Unfortunately, in recent times, the hospital like most of the city came under attack by a group that had been called the Reapers. Guardian Sanctuary Hospital, had received damage in the attack that was being repaired still up until mid-YE 42.

Hospital Appearance

Below are some notes on the appearance of the hospital's exterior and interior.


The Hospital is a 40-floor building within the town center of Obsidian City, meant to give medical air to its populace in the civilian and military occupations using advanced and simple technology. The width of the Hospital is noticeable in the city skyline, capable of being visible. The Exterior is a sleek black design appearance, with a large medical symbol on its face, along with the name of the hospital. There is technology along the hospital's walls, specifically sensors invisible to the organic, and most cybernetic eyes. These sensors projected onto screen-like windows on the inside, letting others see what was going on outdoors.


The inside differed from the outside, the inside having light coming from windows and from the glass ceiling 40 floors up above. About 10 feet (3.05 meters) from the door are fountains that covered one side of elevators, on a raised level. The elevators were in the center of this area, with a ramp style walkway. The fountains shoot up water which sparkles in a multitude of colors and hues. To the left of the elevators is the cafeteria, with a small hallway where visitors, and medics on break could pick up food to eat. Near the back from the doorway is a hallway that leads to the section for offices of the medical staff. The flooring is a white color, but with some other coloring for the walls.

Hospital Layout

Here is the chart of the hospital's layout and ward arrangement by floor.

Main floor cafeteria, elevators, gift shop, and a back hall to offices
1st floor teen lounges, doctor/nurse lounges, additional offices
2nd floor maternity wards, medical staff lounge, small food bar
3rd floor contains the accidental injury wards for teenagers and adults
4th - 5th floor contains the major wards such as burn wards and intensive care units
6th and 7th floor is reserved for the population’s Synthetics which contains the technology necessary to give aid to them
8th - 40th floor has hospital rooms for the not so serious, such as continued recovery from surgery, of course those who are very sick may be separated from those who are vulnerable.

Hallways and Walkways

On the walls are volumetric displays, some are glowing nameplates over doors and some which signify the wards, others to name the offices. There is a display that showed a map, and the current location. This is shown on every floor and in the same area of the building.

Specific Wards

Below is the list of various hospital wards, and their purpose.

Burn Ward

The burn ward is an entire ward, dedicated to those victims who had gotten injured in a house fire, or some kind of explosion. The technology here are the Auto-Docs primarily, or tanks filled with a liquid solution with nanites swimming within them, that are programmed to repair the burn damage if the case is severe as a full-body burn. If not, then there is a separate area, where the patient can lounge and have their limb or face in a smaller tank that allows for the same technique.

Intensive Care Units

The intensive care units are those places for those patients recovering from surgeries, whether serious or otherwise, and from those who were victims of an assault, or a vehicle accident after they wake up from surgery they are sent here so that the medics can keep a close eye on them, those who had gotten injured but weren’t kids are sent here too. The intensive care unit is one large room with beds for everyone.

Maternity Ward

When mothers are ready to give birth to their offspring, they go to Wards like this, to deliver them in a safe environment. In this section are rooms where the new mothers are staying on comfortable beds with an attached baby bed. Each bed and room are specially set so that they can cater to all species, not just Human or Nekovalkyrja.

Accidental Injury Ward

This ward is, to put it bluntly, filled with teenage patients for some very odd reason, but the nurses and doctors here are just as good as the other wards, the patients won’t have comments made at their expense. The ward setup is like most hospitals. Rooms are separated from two beds to a room, though some rooms have only a bed and a couch for parents.

Synthetic Aid Wards

The Synthetic aid Ward is more like a factory than an actual Hospital ward, there were slabs where the Synthetic’s lie on and the Doctors or rather Mechanic’s go to fix them. The bigger AI, like Starships or Tanks, can’t fit in here and likely wouldn’t be fixed there.


The Hospital has lounges, a few for the doctors and nurses to rest, which were on the floors they worked at, and there were a few Teen lounges, for patients and kids who couldn’t go to see their family for whatever reason.

The Hospital Parking area

The Hospital Parking area has parking spaces for the Doctors and nurses of the Hospital, as well as the support staff such as the cleaners. The The 505 Emergency Medical Vehicle are stored in the similar covered parking place so that if there is severe frost the vehicles would be protected.

Computers and Electronics

The Computer system is an advanced adaptive non-military AI that aids receptionists and secretaries of Doctors and the aiding in the planning of medical needs. The AI also takes care of hazards such as fire, and criminal related trespassing, and is loved by everyone who also cares for everyone.

The Hospital uses advanced Intravenous shots, and other medical equipment to keep patients alive.


The Hospital has access to a variety of Medical Items which was purchased outside the New Dusk Conclave or had taken from the ships, or even created themselves.


NDC Created Items



Recreation Drugs

Hospital Vehicles

The Hospital has access to vehicles since it needs to bring patients in for surgery or medical aid.

Techniques and Concepts

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