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Midnight's Asagumo Pad

The home of Motoyoshi Kaoru aka "Midnight" in Asagumo City on Port Jiyuu. It was acquired in YE 43.

History and Background

In YE 43, when Motoyoshi Kaoru aka "Midnight" started the YTP Entertainment venture she opted out of the expected housing arrangement at Asagumo-jo. Instead she established a super-modern pad at the YTP Entertainment HQ to better suit her needs as a performer during her off time from the Star Army of Yamatai and for some independence from the Motoyoshi Clan.

Long-time friend, Amaya Shiori maintains the residence and handles her civilian affairs while she is deployed with the Star Army of Yamatai.

"Midnight" was very specific about her needs; she wanted a residence that suited her style and captured the civilian side of her life. She also wanted a place where she could host private gatherings and have enough accommodations to house some of her sisters or some of her other company. Her residence occupies the 58th and 59th floor of the building, directly beneath the exclusive private nightclub run by her company.

Motoyoshi Kaoru aka "Midnight" can tune in when quantum communications and VR are available while is deployed.


The 59th and 58th floors of the YTP Entertainment HQ.

Main Pad

The 59th Floor.

Common Lighting and Decor

The interior of the main pad has blue-tinted LED lighting that gives the entire space a festive vibe. An ideal atmosphere which makes the bright neon-colored lighting displays like the hot purple Midnight Infinity infinity mark that appears in several places in the pad. Other lighting displays include wall-mounted Tokyo Brewing Company logos with special Gunship Lager Promos and a “Sign the Waiver” copy of a Yui Planet Cracker promotion from the Brew Pub Menu.

The pad also includes several Solid Volumetrics displays including an animated striptease by Trouble Nekos leader Kaieda Meiri and a Nepleslian “Strong Arms and Thick Pipes” adult video sequence purchased with her sister, Motoyoshi Naoko in mind. Other unique decor includes a collection of different YTP Entertainment posters and a private collection of lewd photos starring herself, her sisters, and her friends.1)

The residence has several illuminated aquariums featuring colorful sea life native to Jiyuu III including live coral and various jellyfish. She is especially fond of species that have bioluminesence so that during parties they provide additional feature lighting.

Wrap Around Balcony

An extra-wide spacious balcony with four corner spaces that serve as small dance floors that have secure staircases that lead up to the YTP Entertainment rooftop club. The balcony includes stylish synthetic leather weather-proof outdoor furniture, an outdoor hibachi, and bar setup. The railing and overhang above the balcony is decorated with a variety of small colored lights that can be programmed and linked into the pad's sound system.

Kitchen Facilities

The pad has a small kitchenette, but it is serviced from the YTP Entertainment rooftop club. "Midnight" has her own private chef, Eira Koga from Takeda House, that comes in and cooks for her when she is at home or is hosting guests remotely while she is deployed. There is an integrated Dumbwaiter for the delivery of meals or refreshments during private time.

Main Living Area

The bulk of the open space is the main pad in the living area. Polished toft bamboo floors, black leather sofas, armchairs and footstools. The space also includes a large Foam Nekovalkyrja Nest that "Midnight" got from Second Chance Salvage Corporation in YE 432) and had recovered with a luxurious stain-resistant black velvet fabric that has been converted into a massive couch. Solid Volumetrics are projected from the actual furniture through the integration of Dataweave in their design. A large built-in bar stretches along the interior wall of the room, which is usually well-stocked.

Private Recording and Practice Studio

The private recording and practice studio has two areas. A control room with all the equipment for recording and producing, as well as the pad's private KAIMON-GATE system which controls all the systems in the residence and handles the communications of recorded and produced data. The second area is a performance studio for singing, dancing, and choreography that is well lit with adaptive lighting and has polished toft bamboo floors that are stained black. There is a classic neon red sign which hangs in the doorway between the control room and the studio that will say “On-Air” when recording is in progress.

Some items kept in the studio:

  • Electric Guitar, that has been resurfaced and refurbished in YE 43 with custom stand. It has been redone in Motoyoshi colors. Includes several picks and accessories.3)
  • Acoustic Guitar, with a broken string that she needs to fix. 4)
  • Headphones, Stereo. Tweaked by Motoyoshi Eidan for better sound quality.5)
  • Amplifier, 2000 Watts RMS decaphonic 10 Speakers. 6)
  • Speakerbox, Speakers, etc.7)
  • Music Data Disk/Album, Unknown music. Has not been listened to yet.8)
  • Blasterbox Amp/Speaker combo (HUGE POWER!)9)

Kaoru's Office

At current, this room is a blank slate as that Motoyoshi Kaoru intends to decorate it when she returns from deployment with the Star Army of Yamatai.

Three Empty Rooms

Undecided areas that will eventually be purposed and decorated.

Lower Pad

The 58th Floor.

Guest Suites

The five Guest Suites share the common decor theme of the entire pad. Each suite includes a custom Nekovalkyrja-Style Nest with various pillows and blankets. Most of Motoyoshi Kaoru's inner circle are Nekovalkyrja. Each suite includes a corner-style bathtub, a volumetric fireplace, a private toilet, wardrobe, dresser, and a loveseat-style couch.

Kaoru's Private Suite

At current, this room is a blank slate as that Motoyoshi Kaoru intends to decorate it when she returns from deployment with the Star Army of Yamatai.

Items stored in the room for future use:

Wrap Around Balcony

Similar to the balcony above but without stair connections upwards. This balcony is private and has blinds that can be lowered into position for greater privacy. The balcony includes several hot tubs connected to guest suites and to Kaoru's Private Suite which has an enclosed balcony area of its own.

Midnight's Play Den

A secured and secret place known as Midnight's Play Den.

Storage and Bay

Half of the 58th floor is devoted to storage and a small private launch-bay type facility for the smaller personal craft. Items kept in storage will be listed under the items for the location. This also includes an exterior landing pad that can accommodate a medium-sized shuttle.


You can get to this location using any of Port Jiyuu's internal lift and rail systems.


The people here are Motoyoshi Kaoru aka "Midnight", Amaya Shiori, and the privately invited guests.


These Characters are present at Midnight's Asagumo Pad:10)

Nothing found

RP Opportunities

Roleplay Opportunities at this location.


Maybe True, Maybe Not.

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