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Mining Guild Settlement

The Mining Guild Settlements are locations on Sirris VI in the Sanctum System, to the Vale system, and the Nephis system, and finally Station Omacron in the Draco Eridanus System. They began from YE 41 to the present YE 42. This page details the standard settlements of the Mining Guild for most livable world's, with some deviations.

About the Settlement

The Mining Guild operates in Mines typically where they dig and search the subterranean depths to find Ore, 1) and Gemstones. These locations aren’t always so close to the main settlements 2), that they can easily get on transport, and they’d be home in a second. Sometimes the travel very long and the workers are too exhausted. Because of this, the Mining Guild has created settlements next to these Mines so that there are places for rest and recovery.

Due in part to the need for protecting NDC materials, besides concerns over large predatory animals, the Settlements are walled, for the protection of the Miners, Overseers, and staff.


Typically, Settlements are located in easily defended areas, or areas that can easily be walled such as the Twins springs valley. In that case, the settlements are outside, this was to cut the cost and time on building air technology. Settlements are arrayed in a circle like a clock with the main offices in the middle, followed by Residential areas and recreational areas, including the Mess hall, before the Defense wall.

Those Settlements underground follow the same pattern. In either case, the landing pads have their area above the defense Wall, as these are reserved for supplies coming in, new Miners and Overseers, and also departing Employees. Should the Mining Guild find something new like tech, or something buried, these items are also taken here to be taken back to Obsidian City.

In cold environments, there are Paladin shield pylons arranged around the Settlements with a kind of environmental bubble that covers the entire settlement, along with heating units for warmth, as well as other technology.

History and Background

A month after the Mining Guild was formed, they established their first mine in the Twin Springs Valley and after that, seeing how tired their workers get and how most seem to always fall asleep and miss their stops on the transports they started designing a new settlement for their workers to live in when their workdays are over. The thinkers of the Guild came up with something that fit all their requirements, one being able to eat food, safety from predators, and a place to sleep and rest, so they aren’t overworked.

Finally, after what seemed like months of planning, they came up with a standard settlement for their people. Once other Mine locations were picked, they included their new standard settlement in the building process. They expanded with the New Dusk Conclave going to other systems, before being chartered one on a system full of asteroids Draco Eridanus. With new possibilities and new advances in technology, the Mining Guild found they could use techniques to get ice which can be made into water. They knew, of course, that they’d need new technology, and especially for their settlements. They began by developing and purchasing equipment for cold environments to get water.

Damage Capacity

Tier 15

Wall: Tier 8, medium Anti-Mecha

Shields: Tier 8 Electromagnetic field surrounding the settlement. [Bubble]

Settlement Layout

  • Outer Ring: Defenses, Maintenance Conduits
  • Secondary Outer Ring: Defense, Landing Pads, Transport Centers, Maintenance Conduits
  • Inner Ring: Storage Areas, Power Armor Bays, Maintenance Conduits
  • Mid Ring: Quarters, Recreation, Medical Center, Maintenance Conduits
  • Central Ring: Main Office, Computer, and Medical Center.


Total area of a Mining Guild Settlement: Square approximately six miles (9.7 km)

Settlement Places

This section describes what is typically in a Mining Guild Settlement.

Typically unless the planet has a breathable atmosphere, the Settlement will be outside in separate buildings, with a cave entrance to the Mines, but if not, then the settlement will be underground like a Vault Shelter.

Maintenance Tunnels

The Maintenance Tunnels are cavernous areas beneath the Settlement where Engineers can walk upright to perform maintenance, and down here, there are sections for all parts of the Settlement. There’s a section for the life support systems, with pipes visible. Power cords are coming from the Power core. 3) Also Down in the Tunnels is the machines responsible for temperature, and environmental controls.

Medical Bay

The Settlement Medical Center 4) has the resources and technology needed for the well-being of the Miners and the Overseers. Money has been spent to line the rooms with Auto-Doc in order to save money on Doctors, which are paid for more serious injuries. For space concerns the Auto-Doc line a large room in a circle on the main floor so that the injured don’t have to walk too far, while the doctors are above that.

Storage Areas

Within the Inner Ring were storage areas, where the Mining Guild can store Ore, Gems, and other items they have found underground and the excess number of other items that the other Miners can use. There is a separate area for Employees and the Overseers, and other Staff.

Overseer's Suite

Because of their rank, Overseers receive a much more lavish room within the Quarters section, rather than the small usually bunk bedded buildings Miners usually receive. Though it’s only a few inches bigger, there is only one bed, since there is only one Overseer per mine. Volumetric screens show the outside, as if they were windows, and it changes as the Overseer moves.

Miner Quarters

The Miners Quarters in their Settlements are small, only with enough room for closet space, two desks, and a singular bunk bed with two mattress in it. There is enough room for them to move around without bumping into each other. There were volumetric screens like the Overseer’s suite.

Crew Recreation

The tables in the Mess hall, and the Quarters, have a volumetric display that can slide forward allowing the settlers to play card games, or video games. There is also a special room for sport type games to keep up with exercise.

Mess Hall

The Mess Hall is a large Building what encases a room5) where the Miners, the Overseers, and the other staff go to have their Breakfast, lunch and dinner. 6) Typically, they form a line at the counter picking out what they want to eat, which are foods from a variety of cultures. In addition there were Kiosk Console Lines here for shopping requirements.


In settlements built within a mountain, or rock, the Passageways are tunnels that go throughout most of the complex. They like the Maintenance Tunnels are large enough for a tall being to be able to enter.

Power Armor Bays

The Power Armor Bay is a large area of a room comparable to a Hall. Within this room are stands where the Power Armor Fit, which has an Armorer’s terminal, where Maintenance can be done on the Power Armor. Because of cleaning, and Coolant leaks, the floor around these stands are messy. There are two passageways in the room, one leads to the Mines, where the Miners work, the other is the entrance from the passages.

Landing Pads

The Landing Pads are standard in terms of the NDC landing pads, with enough room for long groups of people to disembark and items to be offloaded, or loaded as the case may be.

Armored Hull and Hull Integrated Systems

The Walls are made of a composite allow of Durandium Alloy, Titanium, Tungsten and Steel. This is to keep the walls durable in case of attack from creatures and to keep the settlers safe from harm. Though this is meant as a last line of defense, as the Shield system also protects the Settlement and the Military.

Computers and Electronics

The Mining Guild uses a sophisticated computer system to control everything electronic except the Power Armor. This computer and installed AI controls the temperature, making sure that the inhabitants are comfortable, and to make sure lights are working. Should there be a problem, the AI directs the Maintenance crews to fix things. The Communications center uses standard NDC communications to transmit messages and requests should the need require. The Settlement system also uses sensors to detect not only weather patterns but threats from animals, and arrival ships.

Emergency Systems

Fire Emergency Systems

When smoke is detected at a location the system immediately hermetically seals the area with steel doors. Then the system begins siphoning oxygen, and it blocks oxygen so that the Flames will die down before the area is sprayed with Fire extinguishing foam. Once the emergency is concluded the area is unsealed where the Mining Guilds Custodians and the New Dusk Conclave’s repair drones work to make repairs from the damage and cleaning.

Flooding Emergency Systems

In the case of Floods, the System’s early warning system will detect the rise of water, and it will do what it can to prevent the water from flooding the Settlement. This uses pipes that sents the water to pits, and empty tanks built for this purpose. But if the water is too much for that, then it will call an evacuation order and ask the Military for additional ships to the Mining Guild’s ships.

Other Emergencies

The Ant Power Armor is fitted with standard safety, which includes an environmentally sealed atmosphere for the miners, and a version of the armor for the Overseers. 7) The armor is durable enough to prevent crushing even from the largest and heaviest of boulders.

In environments of cold, the Settlement shields, as well as the Heating units keep the settlement warm. As a result of this, there is an environmental bubble where the Settlers can walk around in unprotective outfits.

Life Support Systems

Oxygen Systems

The Systems that allow for breathing depends almost exclusively on the location of the settlement and the mine themselves. Settlements in locations that use open-air 8) allow for that air to go into the Settlement. There are technologies that catches carbon dioxide, Carbon monoxide, and other poisonous gasses and deals with them. The Oxygen is transferred throughout the settlement and may flow through the use of vents.

Hazardous gasses are trapped in tanks that are carefully heated to separate the atoms, and Oxygen may pass into the oxygen containment systems through a specialized force field that keeps the hazardous gasses back.

Waste Disposal

Waste is transferred to a large tank where a huge magnet slides over the ceiling; metal items are picked up by this and are transported to a new tank. It is then where an advanced sorting system sorts the pieces into proper holes. The metal is smelted, and merges into what would normally be a giant ingot, had it all not been separated again before it entered the molds. The metal is sent to the various factories of the New Dusk Conclave to be made into new items.

Manure is dropped into large barrels that are transferred to farms or factories that can turn it into fertilizer. Broken electronics are taken apart, the metal joins the other metal, and the other materials follow suit in their respective compartments.

Other Life Support Systems

Besides the other Life support, the Settlement has aqueducts that transfer water, and flushing toilets, and working sinks. The water is quadruple filtered so that nothing, not even microbes, can contaminate water. The Salt in the water is sent to a different area where it is made for a new purpose. This allows the Settlers to drink water should they need to.

The Settlements have heat that protects them in cold environments, with shields that create a unique environment. For Hot environments, the Settlement has air-conditioning technology, and the Settlement is at a comfortable temperature that allows those of religious modesty to be modest.

Shield Systems

The Settlement walls are implanted with pylons that emit Paladin Shields which further expanded to cover a high area, though leaving the Landing Pad’s free for ships to pass through.


The Mining Guild is defended by S6-TLAC "Cavalry" Operated by AI defense drones using ACE, and perimeter Turrets to protect the corporations assets.

Vehicle Complement

There is room made for 500 Magpie Industrial Shuttles and a 1,000 Stork Personnel Transport.

But at this moment, the Industrial shuttles and Personnel Transports are just loading and offloading.

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Places of the SARPiverse
Opened/Settled (YE)YE 41
Potentially lost Tech from some Ancient Civilization
Obsidian City, or Arcadia, for example
In the Power Core section are ACE bodies for the workers to switch to, for safety reasons
While outside this is a circular building, but if underground it still holds a circular shape
As big as a High School Cafeteria
Or only Lunch and Supper depending on the location, and how far it is from Either Amit Base, Obsidian City, or Arcadia.
In the case of Achilles Slither, a Separa'Shan, they use an Ace body to fit into the armor, that they can control. All Miners who have a body type similar to Separa'Shan get to use this.
Example Twin Springs Mine

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