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Saleloria is a residence in the Riverside District of Kyoto on the planet Yamatai. It was constructed using Tsenlanese Sanctuary Technology in YE 44.8.

Year Constructed YE 44.8
Faction Yamatai Star Empire
Region Yamatai Core
Planet Yamatai
City Kyoto
Type of Location Private Residence
Sanctuary Structure Level Level 1 (Molotha Husk)
Owner Caeyara Ysi

History and Background

After the Arrival of the Norians in YE 44.7, the Caeyara Ysi needed a residence in Kyoto. With Airwin Caeyara to represent the Akina System and Tsenlan on the Senate of Yamatai a home on Yamatai would be a convenience for when he appeared in person, rather than by telepresence from the Akina System. Other members of the Caeyara Ysi like Uaeso Caeyara and Naika Caeyara who were likely bound to join the Star Army of Yamatai also desired a place to stay when not deployed that was within reach of the new Tsenlanese Cultural Center. The cost of the land was covered by early exchanges of currency connected to the terms of LITA.

The building of their new home in the Riverside District would also serve as another introduction to the Yamatai Star Empire, it being the first building to be raised using Sanctuary Technology in the entire Kikyo Sector. In YE 44.8, Uaeso Caeyara and Naika Caeyara would be the first members of the Caeyara Ysi to move into the home.2)


The Saleloria Manor is a meld of conventional construction using Durandium Alloy and Leviathan Husk as a medium for Sanctuary Technology. The home appears to be conventionally constructed from the distance, showing the ability of this new technology to blend into the cityscapes. The design ethos follows the very Tsenlanese architecture with smooth curvatures but also incorporates some more features from the Yamatai Star Empire like its pagoda-style roof.

The windows are made of intricate filtered glass which removes a portion of the infrared end of the spectrum to help keep the building cooler and protect the skin of the Norian occupants. The interior is compartmentalized and has the typical support systems. It also has a Mindhive with viable connections to SYNC and the civilian side of PANTHEON.

The Leviathan Husk is maintained through its photosynthetic systems as well as a small geothermal well under the structure. Safe organic and inorganic wastes are released into the local sewer systems for processing.

Notable Features

Notable features of the Saleloria Manor.


The presence of the building composed of Leviathan Husk has increased the fertility and growth rate of plants surrounding the structure. With the help of artisans brought in from the Lo'ken Institute the grounds of the manor have been turned into an oasis of beauty. Crafted stone water fountains, a small courtyard of various flowering plants and shrubs, and even a bed of Platycodon grandiflorus, the flower of the Yamatai Star Empire has been cultivated.

Hanging tapestries of ivy and other flowering vines hang from the manor, the roots of which have joined with the Leviathan Husk, growing in harmony.

The Balcony

The Balcony stretches along the second floor of the manor facing the Ketsurui River. The magnificent view of the flowing river, and the fresh scent of the flowering vines and ivy which hang from the manor make a wonderful atmosphere for reflection, relaxation, or even a small get-together. The balcony has several lounge chairs, tables, and a small grilling area for roasting up some vegetables for a meal or snack.

When home Sol'Voli(Crowned Prince) Uaeso Caeyara can often be seen on the balcony practicing his mastery of the Neithu flute.

A cool water bath has been installed for hot summer days, which is a great way for the Caeyara Ysi and their visitors to beat the heat.

The Interior of the Home

The interior of the home has been framed in maple to cover the fleshy walls of the Leviathan Husk. The interior boasts a mostly wood design with intricate and ornate carvings that follow natural patterns like the movement of wind or water. Crystalline lighting structures, and filtered glass windows designed in circular and triangular shapes, all provide a feeling of comfort and symbiosis with the natural world.

Stylized replicas of sofas, wardrobes, end tables, dining sets, and just about every piece of furniture have been replicated by artisans from the Lo'ken Institute to decorate the home in a Tsenlanese style with just the right amount of added Yamataian design ethos blended in.

The home has four sitting rooms, a library, two offices, an indoor and outdoor kitchen, two dining rooms, nine bedrooms, and six baths. Airwin Caeyara has said he will expand the manor should more members of the Caeyara Ysi wish to move in.


The Saleloria Manor is connected to Kyoto by road and a nearby transit stop.


The home is owned by the Caeyara Ysi. The main residents are Airwin Caeyara, Rin Caeyara, Uaeso Caeyara and Naika Caeyara. They have a small house staff of vetted 15 members from the Lo'ken Institute.

Uaeso Naika


The Characters that are located here:3)

Roleplay Opportunities

Roleplaying opportunities:

  • Visit the Caeyara Ysi.
  • Break in, at your own risk.
  • Tour the gardens.


Some are true, some not. You decide:

  • The living structure eats people.
  • Airwin Caeyara keeps a secret backup of his late wife, Sinith Caeyara, here.


Some notable items in the home:

Notable Items in the Manor
Picture Description
A Pre-Falcon Movement teapot. Circa 900 BYE.
A Pre-Falcon Movement teapot. Circa 1250 BYE.
A Tsenlanese replica footlocker, gift from Ketsurui Zaibatsu. - YE 44.
A Tsenlanese replica footlocker, gift from Ketsurui Zaibatsu. - YE 44.
A Tsenlanese replica dresser, gift from Ketsurui Zaibatsu. - YE 44.
A Tsenlanese replica hunting knife, gift from Ketsurui Zaibatsu. - YE 44.

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Opened/Settled (YE)YE 44
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