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The Green Ocean

The Green Ocean is a widely popular military bar founded in YE 33 and located in Funky City on Nepleslia. It is known for its extensive discount system and its wide array of patrons from all parts of the Nepleslian Military.


The Green Ocean was founded by Staff Sergeant Atrax following Operation Dynamo in YE 33, Atrax's last deployment before retiring. His goal was to create a military bar where members of all branches of the military could sit, drink, and talk.

Atrax experienced only mediocre success until YE 34, when the Green Ocean became wildly popular following the Rok'Veru Offensive. Initially, the Green Ocean was mainly home to Enlisted Marines and NCOs, but as time continued members of the Navy, Pilots, and pretty much people from all parts and ranks of the Nepleslian Military began to show up.

The Green Ocean experienced another business boom when the Rok'Veru Offensive ended, with many soldiers retiring or being granted shore leave.


While the Waitresses and Cooks of the Green Ocean often change, there are two who have never left, former Staff Sergeant Atrax, the owner of the Green Ocean, and former Sergeant Robertson, the bartender. While the Staff has always been considered very polite, the Bartender has been known to get violent on several occasions to calm down situations, which almost resulted in a gunfight between former Sergeant Robertson and a drunk Marine in YE 35.

In YE 38, Tyler Myers got a job working at the Green Ocean.

The Green Ocean has a very extensive menu, which is home to pretty much any wine or meat you could think of, as well as a variety of salads, burgers, and desserts. There is also a specialty dessert offered for each conflict the Nepleslian Military has been involved in.

The Green Ocean also offers a unique system of discounts based off of time-served and medals earned.


Thrust and Vodka - A common Nepleslian drink, this drink is widely known and popular throughout Nepleslia. Warning: Contains Thrust!.

Beer - Beer, plain and simple. There isn't much to explain here.

Funky Junky - A popular combination of an energy drink and alcohol, this drink is popular throughout Funky City, mainly among those with an active life-style.

Black Beerd - This drink has a very high alcohol content, reportedly capable of getting people drunk within just a drink or two. It is a very deep black, and is often subject of Drinking Games.


Beef Burger - This Burger is a common favorite among Nepleslians, combining Nepleslian love of Burgers and Beef to create a sizzling, meat-packed burger. This burger has the optional add-ons of bacon, pickles, lettuce, and ketchup.

Mega Burger - The Mega Burger is a double-stacked, meat-packed burger served with layers of cheddar, beef, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, and anything else you can think of. It often takes a very large man to eat an entire Mega Burger, often resulting in the sharing of a single Mega Burger.

Vega-Burger - While not one of the most popular burgers out there, the Vega-Burger is popular among vegetarians. The Vega-Burger is made up of wheat buns, lettuce, tomatoes, and more lettuce. A lot more.

Burger and Fries Combos

Burgery Offensive - In recognition of the Rok'Veru Offensive, the Burgery Offensive Combo contains a Medium Sized Serving of Fries, as well as a Beef Burger mixed with a variety of hot sauces.

Vega Combo - The Vega Combo comes with a pair of Vega-Burgers and a Large Serving of fries. While not the most bought combo in the Green Ocean, it is commonly purchased by Vegetarians.

The Man Combo - The Man Combo comes with a single bottle of Black Beerd, a Mega Burger, and a large serving of Spicy Fries. Anyone who accomplishes the goal of eating a full Man Combo has their picture taken and placed in the “Manly Hall of Fame”.


Captain Stone Soup - Sliced portions of mega-nut are dropped into a fine broth with chunks of Nepleslian Orangewing and prime Prime City beef. A few leaves of cabbage fill the void and a liberal layer of cheddar rests on top of the soup that resembles Nepleslia's ocean in an edible way.

Beef Soup - This soup is a typical favorite among almost all Nepleslians. This steamy broth contains numerous chunks of beef and melted cheddar, providing a unique flavor that excites.


Le Chevalier Soufflé - In recognition of the joint Yamataian-Nepleslian operation in YE 33, a delightfully sweet soufflé is baked, dumped from its cup and drenched in fabulous Raltean cream cheese frosting– combining the sweetest aspects of Nepleslian and Yamataian cuisine.

The Civil Float - More ice cream than root beer, this float consists of one scoop of strawberry ice cream pitted against a scoop of pistachio ice cream in a float-to-the-death on top of a beautiful small-batch Delsaurian root beer.

Service to the Free Fondue - In memory of the Freespacer protectorate, this fondant is in a high-tech heating pot divided between molten chocolate and delicious cream– to be dipped into by traditional Nepleslian deep-fried donut holes baked in the classical Fortuna style.

OOC Notes

Captain Vaikon created this article. The Green Ocean is meant to be home to the Open RP of the same name, which is meant for character development for all members of the Nepleslian Military.

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