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Usuikuki is a moon orbiting Ushobrakflug. It is known for its metal rich surface and its thin atmosphere. Usuikuki means β€œThin air” in Yamataian.

Type: Standard/iron silicate
Inhabitants non
Stellar Radius: ~0.39 AU
Circumference: ~40,000 km
Surface Gravity: ~0,06 G
Length of Day: ~8 hours
Length of Year: ~60 days

Usuikuki is one of the two natural moons orbiting Ushobrakflug, the other one being Dokusei. The surface is mostly covered in rocks containing minerals such as Iron and Titanium, both in solid form. The mantle consists of solid metals, but also small traces of rare materials like Tungsten/Wolfram and Silver, making the planet a source for resources. The temperatures vary form -180 to maximal -10 degrees Celsius. The thin atmosphere consists mostly of Nitrogen and Hydrogen, with small amounts of Helium and CO2, all in gaseous form, and is not breathable. Due to the lack of atmosphere, the gravity of the planet is rather low, about one tenth of the normal amount, due to the absence of a strong magnetic field. A such, access to the planet is only able with some strong sticky boots.

While the surface is rich with minerals, the temperature does not allow any habitation that with space suits. No mining operations are known thus far, although there are ruins of a presumable NMX mine on the northern pole.

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