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Al'Mirzam is the namesake world of the Al'Mirzam System, an artificial planet twice the size of any of the habitable planets settled by the Iromakuanhe race and comprised of an endless blue sky dotted by spires that reach up hundreds of kilometers from the uncharted depths of the planet's world-spanning ocean, with floating platforms and mysterious mechanical drones servicing the various installations of the world at all times.

Eyr Ranr pilgrims and settlers call Al'Mirzam the 'World of the Endless Sky' because of the unique structure of the planet, which has over six thousand kilometers of navigable, habitable sky above sea level because of an unknown atmospheric control mechanism built into the planet.

Planetary Structures

The Vent spires are the most noticeable feature of Al'Mirzam, massive superstructures made of a nigh invulnerable pre-Commonwealth material which is not composed of metallic or non-metallic elements that jut out between two thousand to six thousand kilometers into the sky. There are superconductive rails, floating platforms, a drone flotilla, and a caretaker system of the planet.

General Information

Below is the planetary data:

  • Type Artificial Planet
  • Orbital Radius 11 AU
  • Period 61.360 x 10^3 Hours (7 Earth Years)
  • Hydrosphere 97% Water, 3% Ice
  • Atmosphere Breathable
  • Biosphere Complex Fauna and Flora
  • Gravity 8.2 m/s2 (.831 Earth)
Practical Information
  • Day Length 44 Hours
  • Year 2556 Days
  • Seasons 41); Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

OOC Notes

Currently being revised by Ame.

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