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Cascade Prime

This planet is located in the Galactic North in the Cascade System.

More about Cascade Prime

This unexplored and verdant planet is the closest to the sun in the Cascade system.

Cascade Prime's Star

Cascade System is a white dwarf that sheds a substantial amount of light on the planet, which has a 24 hour rotation.


The environment is rich with life, such as the full spectrum from bacteria to trees, ground cover, shrubs, bushes, and animal life. There are specific breeds of deer, cattle, cows, chicken, roosters, juicy pigs horses, horses, and more horses, and other small animals.

A very noticeable thing about the planet is the amount of waterfalls in the tropics. There are lush plains with greenery as far as the eye can see, and further. There are a few peaks and mountains, but the entire planet is easily traversable for a baseline Human. There are several freshwater lakes in the main landmass of the mid to Southern hemisphere of the planet, which is one giant continent. The Northern hemisphere is primarily an ocean with sporadic island chains.


There are no cities on this planet.


There are no people on this planet.

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