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Hanako's Resistance

Hanako's Resistance is a group of Yamatai citizen/military on Hanako's World that form the resistance against the invading forces of the Interstellar Kingdom Of Kuvexia that happened in YE 41.


In YE 41, Hanako's World was conquered by the Kuvexian Military during the Kuvexian Invasion of YE 41. In responds to that, remnants of the Legion II began undergrounds guerilla tactics against the Kuvexian. These operations are done from H Bunker accross Hanako's World.

H-Bunker 789

Located just north from New Kyoto at New Yamatai continent close to the ocean and connected to the sewer system of New Kyoto lays H-Bunker 789. In this bunker operates various personnel, mentioned below.

Rank Name Species Position Player Notes
Ittô Hei Narita Ak Nekovalkyrja, Type 33 Rebel Bunker Leader Rawolfe
Ittô Hei Asakura Yayoi Nekovalkyrja, Type 33 ranger Charaa
former Jôtô Hei Athena Stamoules Caelisolan Field Medic Demibear
Santô Hei Ingemarsson Kazue Minkan Bunker Nurse Rawolfe NPC:
Kazue is a known nurse in New Kyoto hospital for being kind, caring and friendly. After the invasion she was rescued by Yamatai rebels.
Santô Juni Iarldottir Komachi Nekovalkyrja, Type 33 Technician Rawolfe NPC:
A technician in service at New Kyoto, Komachi is a hard worker and knows her tech. She ended up in Bunker 789 by saving some civilians and escorting them to the bunker.
Santô Juni Yasuhiro Atsuko Nekovalkyrja, Type 33 Logistics Specialists Rawolfe NPC:
Atsuko worked mostly as logistic specialist at various outpost on Hanako's World. She was at the time of the invasion present in New Kyoto and was saved by both Komachi and Yri.
Santô Hei Muraoka Yri Nekovalkyrja, Type 33 Infantry Rawolfe NPC:
Yri is a young soldier that just started her first duty a few months before the invasion started. Yri had received some injuries from the initial attack but was patched up by Kazue at Bunker 789.
Santô Hei Stegnov Aleskeevich Kodians Infantry Rawolfe NPC:
Stegnov is a kind hearted, yet very loyal soldier. He was involved in various rescues and counter offensive against the Kuvexians. He is seen as the moral boost of the bunker as he tries to cheer up people.
Santô Hei Loukia Christeli Separa'Shan Infantry Rawolfe NPC:
Loukia is defined as an eager one to get some action, however Loukia did not want a full scale war or be involved in one when the Kuvexian landed on Hanako's World. She did however do her job and gave support towards the rebelian elements to fight off the invaders as best as possible.
Santô Hei Amatsukaze Noa NH-33M (Miniature) Information Warfare Specialist paladinrpg
Maleirzwan Agdol-Vazaiyir Freedom Fighter antediluvianintransigence
Roy Savage Mercenary Nameless

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