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Jiyuu IV

Jiyuu IV is the fourth planet in the Jiyuu System, it is part of the Yamatai Star Empire.

About Jiyuu IV

Jiyuu IV was discovered and mapped in YE 29 by the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet.

The world is less hospitable than Jiyuu III but it is still habitable. Large, rocky continents span the globe; its temperate zones are still recovering from very recent glaciations and the fauna have been reduced to that of tundra-dwellers in the northernmost regions. The equatorial zone has large lush rainforests that are nearly continually affected by the strong effects of low pressure. Its mountainous areas are mineral and resource-rich.

Two Colonies were established and plans were made both during the first era that the Yamatai Star Empire controlled the system, and during the time the planet was under the flag of the United Outer Colonies. It never amounted to more than a few thousand researchers until the Yamatai Star Empire reassumed control.

In YE 42, the Star Army Research Administration, department_of_colonization, the Yugumo Corporation and the Star Army of Yamatai began restoration on two Katsuko-Class Colony Installations which had been placed by the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet that had been evacuated when the system was attacked by the NMX in YE 33.

Statistics for Jiyuu IV
Type Terrestrial Planet
PAINT Station Planned
Facilities and Bases Yes
Colony Yes
Population 3,000 (Under construction), 40,000+ (Expected Population)
Moons Jiyuu IVA


Jiyuu IV has two Katsuko-Class Colony Installations, were placed by the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet, that only received moderate damage during the bombings by the NMX in YE 33. In YE 42, at the recommendations of the Motoyoshi Clan, major restoration began of the facilities to prepare the planet for full colonization. With more refugees expected from other regions of the Empire due to the Kuvexian War, the Yugumo Corporation has increased the amount of labor assigned to restore the facilities.

PAINT transportation facilities and a Frontier Starport are currently under construction in YE 42.

Places to Explore or Salvage

Jiyuu IV has some interesting locations:

Abandoned Colonial Construction Sites

There are various abandoned construction sites on the planet from the era the world was controlled by the United Outer Colonies. They are in various stages of completion and most have abandoned equipment and goods due to the sudden evacuation during YE 33.

Abandoned Research Base

An abandoned research base that was used by the Star Army Research Administration when the Jiyuu System was first colonized in YE 29, the facility has recently been added to a list of abandoned facilities that the Yugumo Corporation intends to redevelop in YE 41. The base is deep in the equatorial jungles of the central-most continent and lacks easy access from the currently active construction sites.

Storm Chasers Camps

Jiyuu IV is a planet that has violent weather; there are frequent tropical storms and hurricanes in the equatorial zones and violent thunderstorms, tornadoes, and blizzards in the temperate and northern zones. Often the weather on Jiyuu IV is described as β€œThe Tempest” and has attracted extreme weather enthusiasts and risk-takers that flock to the raw wilderness to chase the intense storms. The Yugumo Corporation offers custom guided packages for adventurers and has base camps set up in key locations and hotspots.

Mountain Resorts

An extensive mountain resort operated by the Yugumo Corporation is currently under construction and is expected to open at Mt. Amaterasu in YE 43.

Orbital Assets

The Star Army of Yamatai established a "Guriddo" Defense System as part of the Jiyuu System Defense Plan laid out by Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko in YE 42. The system includes:

The planet also has an orbiting network of Emrys Satellites for communications that were deployed by the Star Army of Yamatai in YE 36.

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