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New Belfast

New Belfast is a terrestrial world discovered by the DION in YE 34.

New Belfast is a icy world with three major continents and one large ocean: The Cobalt Sea. The Cobalt sea stays unfrozen due to its high salt content

The planet is rich in raw materials such as irons and other silicates.


Type Three Continents, a few small islands, single ocean.
Radius 5200 km
Surface Area 309,782,000 km2
Land Area 91,220,340 km2
Mass 5020900000000000000000000 kg
Density 5.08 g/cm3
Gravity .83 G
Composition 20.8% iron, 32.7% oxygen, 3.25% nickel, 18.6% silicon, 13.6% other metals, trace other elements
Period 4.79 standard years)
Atmosphere Oxygen and Nitrogen rich
Special Constantly frozen


Climate Types Cold year round
Flora Density None
Fauna Density light sea life, including fish and large predators; Few land creatures, mostly docile
Length of Day Twenty nine hours, fifteen minutes
Average Temperature Temperature on the planet ranges from -52 to -36 degrees celsius depending on the season and location.


New Belfast is primarily made up of Nepleslians.

Capital Icefall
Demographics Nepleslians, ID-SOLs, Geshrin, visiting aliens, NSN personnel
Surface Structures
  • 5 Large Towns: Icefall (Pop.: 300,000)/ Snowbridge (Pop.: 125,000)/ Coldwater (Pop.: 76,890)/ Snowstorm (Pop.: 60,500)/ Frost Mountain (Pop.: 23,000)

The city of Icefall is mostly located under the ice. The only buildings that are above the ice and snow are high rise skyscrapers and the star port. It is very well developed under ground.

Cultural Information

As a new colony, the colonists have brought their own cultures from their home planets. This makes the planet typically Nepleslian as the majority are drawn from Nepleslia and other core worlds suffering from overpopulation.

Political Information

Due to New Belfast's location in the system, it is frequented by pirates and criminals alike. The citizens of the planet are loyal to Nepleslia, but struggle to keep the peace with all the criminals who have taken refuge there.

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