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Shugosha VII

Shugosha VII is the seventh planet in the Shugosha System; it is part of the Yamatai Star Empire.

Shugosha VII Landscape

About Shugosha VII

Shugosha VII was discovered and explored by the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet in YE 29.

Statistics for Shugosha VII
Type Ice Planet
PAINT Station No
Facilities and Bases Yes
Colony None
Population 1200
Moons Shugosha VIIa, Shugosha VIIb

The Onsen Planet

A Yamatai (Planet)-sized planet, Shugosha VII's surface is cold enough for it to be classified as an ice planet, but high levels of volcanic activity allow for isolated spots of habitability around the hot springs and geysers scattered across it. Outside of these areas, the extremely inhospitable cold and lack of liquid water on the surface prevent Shugosha VII from being broadly classified as habitable, despite its Nitrogen/Oxygen/Argon atmosphere being breathable by Humans. Most potable water, both surface and groundwater, is very high in mineral content and must be distilled before industrial or medical use.

Places to Explore or Salvage

The only permanent settlement on Shugosha VII is Chinatsu Resort (Yamataigo: 千夏温泉 – “Chinatsu Onsen”). It lies in a bowl-shaped valley in the higher elevations near the equator. Meaning “Thousand Summers,” in Yamataigo (邪馬台語), it has been operated by Yugumo Corporation since it was reopened in YE36 after the end of the Second Mishhuvurthyar War. It had previously been operated as a nationalized tourism project by the United Outer Colonies. The luxurious hot springs resort is in Traditional Yamataian Style and has room for about eight hundred guests. Service staff, drivers, maintenance, medical, security, and management personnel number a little less than half of the guest capacity. Other than Chinatsu Resort, there are only a few private vacation homes scattered widely across the planet's precious equatorial hot springs, all having their own landing pads. Most of these belong to members of the Motoyoshi Clan and their allies and tributaries. The resort is serviced by a Frontier Starport.

In YE 33, several NMX Landing Ships attempted to occupy one of the larger habitable spots on the planet, but the landing forces were obliterated by ambush when United Outer Colonies Peacekeeping Forces gained advance intelligence of their arrival. The ships and ground vehicles remain, although they were seriously damaged in the fight and have been left exposed to the elements the entire time since. Thick layers of crystalline mineral condensate encrust the exposed surfaces of the vehicles, dyed in exotic colors by the indigenous archaebacteria that inhabit the few pockets of volcanic warmth on the frozen world.

Orbital Assets

The Star Army of Yamatai established a "Guriddo" Defense System as part of the Shugosha System Defense Plan laid out by Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko in YE 42. The system includes:

The planet also has an orbiting network of Emrys Satellites for communications that were deployed by the Star Army of Yamatai in YE 36.

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