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4th AASP Fleet

Assembled in YE 32, the 4th AASP fleet uses both large scale combined-arms as well as small-unit tactics to plan and execute SMoDIN offensive and defensive operations.

OOC stuff

Available positions: 4th Fleet is currently open to a limited number of Marine players. As of Feb 27, Sigma will no longer accept Marine snipers
Joining Requirements: Speak to Sigma
Time limit for posting: 3-4 Days, unless extenuating circumstances. Contact Sigma in advance about long absences. He doesn't bite. Much.

The 4th AASP was a plot based around trying to interact with the setting on a large level, involving warships, characters, and events from across the universe. Players are expected to post at least once a week. The goal is to provide development for all characters, regardless of experience, through player choices and character interaction. It is hoped that the bonds between player characters will be strengthened through trials and triumphs.

RP began April 5th, 2010.

Roleplay has moved from larger fleet level combat to smaller, special operations in the Cavaliers Plot.


By YE 32 Nepleslia had developed a considerably sized Space Navy that was deployed throughout known space. However this force was commanded largely by former ground soldiers and lacked serious experience in fighting in the vast void of space. The NMX had retaken several worlds that had been turned over to Nepleslia at the end of the last Yamatai/SMX war, leaving marines to fight on the surface of those worlds and no counter attack being prepared.

To regain the initiative against the NMX and to help update SMoDIN’s space assets, Nepleslia turned to the same person that had helped crush the Black Syndicate and the Reds organized resistance against the government, Heram J. Wazu. The result was the formation of the 4th Autonomous Action and Special Projects Fleet, or the 4th AASP.

Shortly after its formation the 4th AASP launched an attack on the Minyas system, once controlled by the Elysian government but recently conquered by the SMX. Even outnumbered more than 40 to 1, the 4th fleet was successful at displacing SMX forces from the system with only the loss of a single ship, the NSS Wasp. However within a week of their first engagement the NSS Wasp was replaced with two new ships, the NSS Hornet and the NSS YellowJacket, as well as a squadron of support ships designed to help bolster ground and logistics operations.

The 4th fleet then led an attack on Artume, encountering and destroying the NMX 292nd Patrol Squadron without loss.

The 4th fleet then called on the services of the NSS Acadia in a raid on a prison camp on Higaflan which turned out to be a bioweapon production facility, leading to the 4th fleet investigating an ongoing NMX bioweapons threat to Nepleslia.

Since then the fleet has been engaged in various diplomatic efforts with Yamatai and the Black Syndicate with the aim of managing the NMX threat to Nepleslia.

The 4th Fleet, under the command of Rear Admiral Dominic Valken, engaged NMX forces in the UOC star system of Tange in an effort to evacuate UOC civilians and military personnel. After a grueling six hour battle and heavy casualties, they managed to evacuate over 200,000 UOC civilians and personnel.

Following the operation on Tange, 4th Fleet returned the outdated Oberon and Arashi vessels to naval drydocks and added two Cruiser Squadrons consisting of DD5-class and Blackjack-class cruisers. Each squadron was escorted by six Kouken-N4 escorts. Much of the crew were inexperienced sailors, complemented only by a few senior warrant and commissioned officers. The Fleet Marine Force was permanently set at a minimum of six squads. Admiral Valken deployed the newly reformed 4th Fleet into System 87I in late YE 33 as part of a information snatch and grab. In the two skirmishes above one of the planet's moons, 4th Fleet lost 2 squads of Marines, one Blackjack cruiser and seven Kouken escorts. The Marines failed to retrieve the critical information before NMX reinforcements overwhelmed them and forced the Fleet to withdraw from the system.

Two prisoners were taken and swiftly interrogated but little information was gained before 4th Fleet was obliged to deport the prisoners to Yamatai as part of a prisoner exchange.

In YE 34, after greater expansion of the Naval contingent and increased training by the Fleet's Marines, the 4th AASP Fleet attacked SC-4 (Mwigflukbajik) as part of the Rok'Veru Offensive. The goal of the mission was to force the NMX to attack the 3rd Assault and 4th AASP Fleets before they could reach Grand Admiral Flint Vanderhuge's 1st Assault Fleet at Rok'Veru.

Following the conclusion of the Rok'Veru Offensive in Ye 35, the 4th Fleet returned to Nepleslia Prime where the flagship, NSS Dauntless, was destroyed in a sneak attack. The perpetrators were found to be ex-Paragon mercenaries and joint operations were started against them.

In YE 36, the Fleet participated in military exercises on the Nepleslia-Yamatai border alongside 1st and 2nd Assault Fleets.

Important Information


The 4th AASP was originally organized around a doctrine of Autonomous Action, combining a combat wing of the best soldiers and ships that can be produced with a logistics wing capable of supporting combat operations indefinitely using resources located in the field. This small and efficient combat structure was further aided by a special projects division that constantly produces plans to fight any enemy and gain any advantage though technological, psychological, diplomatic, or military means.

Though the 4th could operate alone, it tended to enlist the help of the other fleets, dispatching small units to assist other fleets in operations by providing elite soldiers, training, ships, technical support and experienced officers, greatly improving the performance of other fleets without disrupting their command structure.

Following Rear Admiral Dominic Valken's take over in mid-YE 33, the nearly automated ships were replaced by manned warships and human crews augmented by junker drones. Originally, two cruiser squadrons with support units were envisioned. However, as the demands of protecting the Empire and striking at the NMX grew, more squadrons of cruisers and escorts were added to the Fleet. In YE 34, to reflect the new fleet combat doctrine of hard, fast strikes, AASP was renamed to Armored Assault, Strike Pursuit. Now, Fleet combat units are capable of independent operations or combined Fleet operations.

Fleet Inventory (Items Usable By PCs)

These are items that are usable by 4th Fleet Player Characters. Some are issued standard issue whilst others require GM permission. Some are only available in limited quantities, others not anymore. All PA can use the weapons systems listed in their wiki. Maximum of two forearm weapons per PA. Limit of two hand-held weapons per PA.

Other Nepleslian power armors not listed below require GM approval but are available for use if justification can be provided.

Power Armour and Weapons

Personal Weapons And Armour

All personal weapons listed here used by the SMDIoN are available and do not require GM permission, excepting sniper/marksman weapons. The list below are weapons not listed in the SMDIoN equipment page but available for use. Players may request a modified shotgun which uses plasma shells instead of solid shot.


Nepleslia Prime, 4th Fleet HQ

Since Admiral Wazu's replacement, 4th Fleet has moved headquarters to Nepleslia Prime, closer to the rest of the military headquarters. It is typically lightly manned and the location where all new transfers arrive for duty. From there, they are either given embarkation orders or assessed prior to being accepted for 4th Fleet. Captain Darryl Murdoch is in charge of processing new recruits and making sure the office is running well.

The Fun House

4th Fleet's live-fire training facility. The facility is a single storey, close quarters course. Teams which run the course face automated dummies armed with paintball guns. A single hit equals a wound. Two hits or a single face shot equals a death. Scoring is based off multiple factors including time to completion, number of rounds used, status of team members and hostages (if present). It can be configured to recreate any flat level scenario.

As punishment for first time failures, Capt. Murdoch makes teams re-run the course with paintball guns containing limited ammunition. In these “fail runs,” their opponents are not automated dummies with paintball guns but live opponents who can move and react. Most 4th Fleet staffers are the ones who play the “enemy” in these runs and fairly good at it. They suspect that Admiral Valken and Captain Murdoch have many more ideas for the Fun House than they have so far let on.

Plot Audits

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GM permission required.
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