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ISS Shinpi

The ISS Shinpi was an 18+ plot made by Legix.

Plot Themes Bounty Hunting, Mercenary Work, and Dark Settings
Status of RP +18 Open RP 1)
Pace of RP Seven Day Limit
Player Count 6 (+1)
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Current Plot Thread Cowgirls Hate Big Fists

Plot Overview

The ISS Shinpi is an 18+ plot intended to focus on Bounty Hunting, Mercenary Work, and various elements of Contracted Security that could be considered potentially crimes or “bad things”. Overall, the plot is intended to have a mature theme focused around showing anti-heroes and lawful villains under the “command” of Takimori Ronin and his newly-founded company - Stop-and-Secure Contractors - as they take on jobs that expose them to the darker side of the various empires, frontiers, and deep space. All aboard, of course, the ISS Shinpi.

Rules and Pacing

Crew Roster and Cabin Assignment

The current roster and cabin assignments can be seen here!

Character Brief Description Player Art
Takimori Ronin A disgruntled Human who was born and once served with Yamatai. Originally a pilot, he now acts as the Captain and general jack-of-all-trades among the crew. Between getting tasered, anyway. Legix Yes
Rubi Kalan A native human from Planet Osman, Rubi is a taser-happy and taffy-obsessed bounty hunter-turned intergalactic hunter thanks to her expertise in fighting and Ronin bringing her along. SirSPT Yes
Aala Dash An Iromakuanhe hacker who was found in stasis aboard the Shinpi by Ronin. Between her text-speech and her goofy mannerisms, she acts as the general technological expert and hacker whenever Ronin can't step up and handle some nifty software! Ametheliana Yes
Letty Wendigo Bayogora A runty mutant of a Nepleslian, Letty is a compact, pint-sized rogue of a gal. She can't be allowed to stay-up past midnight and don't give her junk food! Primitive Polygon Yes
Gunther Stein Old Abwehran don't come as built as someone like Gunther these days, the man a product of mercenary work and an old friend of Ronin's. Thanks to his species and its benefits, there are few more capable out there that can handle the brutal heavy combat-life. Whitehart No
Kiettisuk "Kiet" Juntasa While the group began their attack, an Iromakuanhe male named Kiet joined the assault. While the arrangement isn't ideal, the ex-criminal has been brought into the Shinpi bunch quite effectively! Syaoran No
rebecca_blackhart A Nekovalkyrja with a Kaserine problem, Rebecca was picked up during a shoot-out with the Black Syndicate while pursuing a lead on a Kodian. As one might expect, she's a sultry sort of super-soldier who's just along for a ride that keeps her out of trouble… mostly. Doshii Jun No

Joining the Shinpi

The Shinpi is in need of a few good souls… the following are requirements to joining!

  1. Be active and communicate if you're going to have issues posting!
  2. Understand that the plot will have contracts that might focus on certain characters occasionally. Your time will come, do not worry!
  3. Be willing to get art and/or work with others to ensure the plot has plenty of well-built articles and descriptions for the things we/you make!
  4. Be 18+.

The Shinpi doesn't have any roles currently needed! Duplicates of filled positions are acceptable as are dual-position characters, as long as you discuss it with Legix. Applications are currently being taken at a slower pace due to preferable player numbers!


Pre-Launch Thread

Thread List

RP History

With a lack of payment for his services to Planet Osman and Independent, Takimori Ronin sets out to a crashed object on the planet's surface. There, he finds the crashed Kouken-Class Escort known as the ISS Shinpi. In its shape, the man sees a possible project that could get him his payment or end up becoming a future profit-making base of operations. This leads him to using up favors and taking on debt to repair its hull by sacrificing the upper half of his own personal mecha. He finds himself at a need for more crew to help him work and this leads to him recruiting Rubi Kalan, who lies buried beneath taffy wrappers and junk. The native of the planet chooses to follow along with the hopes to find a purpose and spark to drive her again, under the idea that staying on the world won't help her. With a partner now, the new pair set off to work and repair the ship under the assumption to found their own security and contracting agency… better known as a mercenary corporation. Working on repairs, however, Ronin stumbles upon a stored Aala Dash in the medbay, the Iroma having been the sole survivor or last-passenger as far as he could tell. Her skills in hacking prove to be the final edge they need, with Aala hacking into the ship's systems and at last restoring their access and ability to control the ship.

Without guns or ammunition for the ship, they can't hunt pirates. The only thing Ronin can find as a reasonable job stands to also break his debts and free the crew from future debt. Their first job as a small group would be to pursue the bounty of a Kodian arms dealer by the name of Nikolov Blokhin, working a small part in prolonging the Kodian Civil War with arms from Nepleslian thugs and civilians. Their first stop is to head to Nepleslia, aiming for the seedy colony of System P1-9 "Fortuna". Home to Black Syndicate, Fortuna quickly devolves as they seek out the lead on the Kodian in a Syndicate-owned brothel-bar. The firefight gets intense almost instantly with Aala hacking into the area, a Neko getting active in assisting them, and both Rubi and Ronin engaging in a gunbattle that starts in the front room and cuts towards the back. They rescue two elves along the way and bring down an ID-SOL but only with the help of Letty Wendigo Bayogora. This allows them to capture a Freespacer with connections to the Kodian and escape; albeit leaving the bar shot up and a battle between Nepleslian authorities and the Syndicate. Their escape option ends up being the lower half of Ronin's Garuda. And after a bit of interrogation, they get the answers they want; the Kodian deals with a group of Abwehran-based criminals on the planet of Fegefeuer.

Upon arriving, the group separates after using the assistance of a wandering Neko; but they quickly acquire the assistance of Gunther Stein - an old fellow mercenary from Ronin's earlier career - and lead an assault on the area. At the same time, however, an Creating an Iromakuanhe man by the name of Kiettisuk "Kiet" Juntasa arrives and leads an infiltration. The alien leader of the base prepares to fight them off despite the crushing force the group leads against their base with the assistance of some local fauna. Kiet on the other hand has it rough; working in tandem with a frightened Nacht Bewohner male wearing a NAM Terratech General Combat Armorsuit – “Hostile”-inspired suit, he quickly dispatches and finds the cells holding countless other prisoners and kidnapped people. With the Abwehran authorities preparing to follow up on the intrusion and the destruction being wrought by the Shinpi's ragtag crew, they prepare to deal the final blow…

GM Info

Contact Legix and be ready to supply donuts.

Last Checked2023/01/19
Contact Wes for access and Legix for joining the plot
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