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-====== YSS Junpu (Plot) ====== 
-//He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.//\\ 
--  Friedrich Nietzsche'​s Beyond Good and Evil.\\ 
-Junpu is a [[guide:​roleplaying|roleplaying]] plot created 2016/06/30 by [[guide:​game_master|GM]] Gallant. 
-  * [[https://​​roleplay-forum/​index.php?​forums/​yss-junpu-18.296/​|YSS Junpu Plot Forum]] 
-  * [[https://​​roleplay-forum/​index.php?​threads/​yamatai-yss-junpu.27191/​|Plot'​s OOC Thread]] 
-**Status:** This plot is currently closed permanently. 
-Our RPG Rating is **3/​3/​3.** ​ If you are not comfortable with heavy violence, swearing, and potential sexual themes, look away. 
-==== Plot Overview ==== 
-The YSS Junpu (NS-X2-27) is a [[stararmy:​starship_classes:​midori-class_scout_ship]] operating as part of a [[stararmy:​saint:​spp|Special Personnel Project]], a coordinated Anti-Misshuvurthyar surveillance operation operating across the Yamatai Star Empire. ​ Much like the //YSS Miharu// before it, the //YSS Junpu// is attached to an Expeditionary Fleet, though its SPP status takes it out of the direct chain of command. 
-The name of the ship, "​Junpu",​ is derived from an ancient sailing term; 'A Fair Wind'​. ​ It, like its sister ships, is named for the idea of being able to sense a turn in the tide or some great change by listening, or feeling the wind. 
-It was commissioned in YE 38 specifically for its current mission. 
-The operation, codenamed "​LEVIATHAN",​ is being fielded by the Second Expeditionary Fleet'​s Special Operations division, and is being directly monitored by SAINT. ​ This is in order to generally conceal its purpose from the rest of the general forces of the Star Army, as much as it is to allow the ship freedom of movement and relative independence. ​ The ship is therefore only nominally under the control of 2XF, and more directly, it commands itself. ​ 
-The six participating Midori-Class ships are scattered out across known space, creating a broad sensory net and utilizing SAINT listening stations positioned at the furthest extent of the Empire'​s frontiers. ​ There is roughly one Midori-class per sector. ​ They are each stand-alone. 
-The YSS Junpu is assigned to the [[location:​bard_cluster|Bard Cluster.]] 
-==== Rules and Pacing ==== 
-The following rules apply. 
-  * 1 post a week SP plot.  Afterwards, I reserve the right to move your characters. 
-  * To both join, and leave this plot, please contact Gallant directly. 
-=== YSS Junpu Information and Links === 
-  * [[stararmy:​starships:​yss_junpu|The Ship, YSS Junpu]] 
-  * [[starship:​yss_junpu:​record|The Story So Far]] 
-=== Open Positions === 
-None, presently.