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Lost Colony

Lost Colony is a roleplaying plot created November 22, 2017 by GM Madi Harper.

  • The current active thread is here
  • OOC thread is here

Status: This plot is currently open for any approved character to join, or any character pending game master approval.

Mission Patch

Plot Overview

Lost Colony follows the investigation of the failure of the unknown faction colony on HX-14 that left 3.3 billion dead as of YE 39, due to a natural disaster of unknown type. Discovered and charted in YE 30 by the YSS Elfin Princess commanded by Taisa Hanako, HX-14 was discovered to be inhabited, though first contact was not made. Since then, the entire population has been killed off by an unknown cataclysm. It's the job of the survey team to investigate and search for survivors under the orbiting watchful eye of Lisa Alice "Thorn" Ironhart under charter by Mitsuya Katashi.

Rules and Pacing

Posting will be by JP and Play-by-post in both Next Time Rule1) and standard format. Expect GM posts weekly.

Characters and Players

Character Player Notes
Warstalker Ironhound Five Seven 57-6964-3643 HandofChaos Mecha fighter: Throw megafauna.
Aran'ya "Widow" Lycosa Lmanel paladinrpg Lorath biochemist
Zeke Rykiel Jack Pine Former Nep Marine and comms expert: Language barrier from Hell

Open Positions

  • Xenobiologist X1
  • Forensics expert X2
  • First contact expert
  • Geologist
  • Combat support X3


Thorn Ironhart has arrived in the system and found the dead colony, putting out a call for her Viscount to assemble and send an investigative team.

So far, three people have made their voices heard and offered suggestions. The Eyesore is now entering the atmosphere.

NTR format
Your post, controlling all characters for one action or line of dialogue
-two to three actions your character may do in the next series of posts
-for example: The team saves me from the giant bugs
-I make a discovery (Minor or major)
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