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OIF Salvation Modifications

This page contains modifications to the OIF Salvation that deviate from the basic article of an Assayer Class Starship.

Empty Facilities

These are the modifications to the empty facility rooms that come standard to the ship class.

Extra housing

ONe of the deck five empty facilities has been converted into communal housing for any refugees they pick up during rescue operations. The facility uses bunks and a communal shower room to hold an extra 30 people.

Science Laboratory

The deck 3 empty facilities has been remodeled in to a respectable place to do many types of research. With manageable life support and containment shielding in case anything goes wrong.


This is where additional or modified systems are listed

Gravitic Beam Emmiter

While the ship is capable of towing using it's hyper space fold drive, it's not capable of any real finess, as such the ship has been outfitted with a gravitic beam emitter to maneuver debris when necessary.

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