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Resurgence Of Yamatai

Resurgence Of Yamatai is a roleplaying plot created December 15, 2020 by GM Wes.

Plot Overview

With the Kuvexians defeated, the Yamatai Star Empire once again becomes the dominant force in the Kikyo Sector. In the aftermath of a costly war, the newly-constructed YSS Resurgence (Fuji-class) sets out to help the Empire take stock of what is left, both in known and unknown space, and to rebuild not only Yamatai's defenses but its relationships with their neighbors. Players will join Star Army's founder and first game master, Wes, on an epic journey to visit every corner of the Star Army universe as well as expanding it with new levels of detail.​

RPG Rating:

  • L1 (rare profanity)
  • S2 (non-explicit sexual content)
  • V2 (violence but not super graphic)

Instead of just telling players about places on the wiki, I want to show them to players. Why just read about stuff on the wiki, when we experience it through the eyes of our characters? Our ship is basically on a trip to visit as many places in the setting as possible and do a little interesting RP in each. This way, we're improving the setting's detail as a whole, adding history, fleshing out the Star Army universe, and having fun RP along the way.

The plot is a “life in the Star Army” plot with lots of exploration, some smaller-scale combat but not all the time (Kuvexian leftover need cleanup!) and some diplomacy as we visit worlds of other factions and meet non-Yamataian ships. We've started at Yamatai and will work our way out revisiting other places and also discover some new places. There's a lot of already canon systems with very little development that are ripe for building on. I am also open to a player character captain instead of a GM-controlled one.

Accepting new players on a regular basis is a major OOC goal. Would be an “easy flow” plot where people can come and go easily. We will try to invite a lot of guest stars to RP with us and touch the other ships and factions as much as possible instead of staying in an RP bubble.

Rules and Pacing

  • Please post in the RP thread at least twice a week.
  • Players who haven't posted in more than 2 weeks may be removed from the plot.
  • JP nights are typically Fridays at 8pm to 10pm EST

Characters and Players

#Character PicSAOY RankPageSAOY OccupationCharacter OwnerCharacter StatusCurrent Location
1Nitô HeiAgrippina RossaStar Army CookWesNPC Available for GM or FM useYSS Resurgence
2ShosaAoba KuranosukeStar Army Starship CaptainWesNPC Available for GM or FM useKetsurui no Iori
3Ittô HeiBeryl LeytonStar Army Cargo and SupplyWesNPC Available for GM or FM useYSS Resurgence
4Jôtô HeiCassieStar Army SoldierWesNPC In Use By GM or FMYSS Resurgence
5Santô HeiCheilith UnkniftoStar Army InfantrySobanActive Player CharacterYSS Resurgence
6ShoiGabriela LivelyStar Army Starship OperationsWesNPC In Use By GM or FMYSS Resurgence
7TaiiIemochi SeinosukeStar Army Science OfficerEtherealActive Player CharacterYSS Resurgence
8ShosaIkigai MajimeStar Army Starship CaptainWesNPC In Use By GM or FMYSS Resurgence
9ShoiKalena MatsushitaStar Army Starship OperationsWesNPC In Use By GM or FMYSS Resurgence
10Nitô HeiKawa EuikoshiStar Army Science OfficerWesNPC In Use By GM or FMYSS Resurgence
11ChuiKim Eun-KyungStar Army Starship OperationsDemibearActive Player CharacterYSS Resurgence
12ChuiKoyamaStar Army TechnicianSoresuActive Player Character
13Nitô HeiKwabba-an Ternifac-xuralkhiStar Army MusicianHyraltActive Player CharacterYSS Resurgence
14Nitô HeiPidole HenitotStar Army TechnicianWesNPC In Use By GM or FMYSS Resurgence
15Ittô HeiPoppy PinkStar Army MedicalWesNPC In Use By GM or FMYSS Resurgence
16sanda_lighting_tattoo.jpgNitô HeiSanda HoshiStar Army RangerCowboyActive Player CharacterYSS Resurgence
17Nitô HeiSonoda TakashiStar Army Science OfficerHyraltActive Player CharacterKyoto
18Nitô HeiThaddeaus MaximusStar Army InfantrySpaceeyeActive Player CharacterYSS Resurgence

Open Positions

Art Credits

Resurgence art by James Lambly

Characters WantedWes is seeking a player character captain and a cook. Other than that, this plot is stuffed full!

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