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Sector Searchers

Sector Searchers is a roleplaying plot created July 28, 2017 by GM Alex Hart.

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Status: Inactive

Plot Overview

Sector searchers is an independant plot based around Alex Tasuki's search for an old friend. The focus of the roleplay is the new people that he will meet, and the adventures that they go on while searching the Kikyo Sector for clues (hence the name).

Rules and Pacing

Put the following here in this section:

  • The format for this plot is mainly space combat based threads and social based JPs, however there will be exceptions.
  • Pacing for threads is 1-3 days between posts (meaning that each player should be posting at least once every three days) and if requirements are not met their character may be treated as if they had frozen up or not acted.

Characters and Players

Character Player Notes Status
Alex Patton Alex Hart Accidentally heroic β€œleader” Active
Araxie Serai Arbitrated Exasperated birb of all trades Active
Evee Kashton1 Lovable fuzzy mechanic Left
Mimic Chi-Chi 2597 Ethereal Shapeshifting diplomatic prankster Active
Dryad Willowsong (DECEASED) Madi Harper Ditzy Neko medic Inactive
Naa'taena "Raven" Mildere Fyunnen paladinrpg Cold Lorath pilot Inactive
Mikali Littlewasp Friend Computer Active

Open Positions

Mecha/fighter pilot (Because more is always better) Gunner Medic


Mission 1

Alex and friends fought off a pirate attack in ex Lorath space, Evee rescued several civilians and Alex was gravely injured.

Post mission 1, Ouch.

Araxie visits Alex in the hospital on Koukotsu where he is recovering.

Post mission 1, tending to the Unicorn.

Evee helps Alex repair the Unicorn, his custom variable mecha, and they get a chance to talk.

Mission 2 part 1

Alex and co. launch off from Koukotsu after some rest and recuperation, heading home to planet 188604 for a resupply.

Mission 2 part 2, (18+)

Alex and his crew split up to explore an independent space station on the way back home, with disastrous consequences.

Pre mission 3, new faces.

Mimic Chi-Chi 2597 joins the crew of the Araxie under the pretense of a diplomat, though no one knows of her true nature.

Pre mission 3, Neko-Neko-Nii.

Alex meets Dryad Willowsong (DECEASED) in Osman city Spaceport, learning that she wants to join the ship as a medic, and he helps her move her stuff into a cabin on the ISS Araxie.

Pre mission 3, the expendabirds

Anabelle Killigrew briefs a lorath mecha pilot on her new mission, the elimination of Alex and the ISS Araxie.

Mission 3, the ship that leapt through space

Raven attacks the Araxie and is captured after a duel with Alex, agreeing to be peaceable on the condition that Alex teach her how to fly a U-1 fighter.

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